Henley Tour- Update #1

Greetings from Henley. We made it safely across the ocean; I thought the flight went by super quickly actually. Big Mike was my plane buddy– it was a very sought after position among the group let me tell you (not).

The whole group: Me, Hanky Poo, Timbo Slice, Big Mike, Chuckarooski, Coach and his wife

So, we’ve learned that not everything is accommodating for “us Americans.” The rental van, for instance, is barely big enough to hold us let alone all of our stuff. And we have a LOT of stuff. You should have seen us in the airports with our oars, travel box, and literally around 15 suitcases + back packs.

I should be able to do quick photo posts occasionally– In the meantime, enjoy the Guest Posts I have scheduled! I’m really impressed with how well everyone completed their posts. I gave really general prompts for each guest blogger and was so surprised and excited to see the results!


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Can't wait for more of the wonderful experience…pics fun and what a fabulous time you will be having.