One thing I’m really passionate about is hobbies. I think it’s becoming a lost art and, yet, they’re so important. So many people have no idea what their hobbies are, or what their interests are outside of family and work. We live in a society that puts a huge emphasis on turning hobbies into side hustles. But then those interests turn from pure enjoyment to work. The opposite of a hobby! It’s easy to fall into mindlessly watching television and scrolling on social media rather than doing things. For me, having hobbies outside of work with absolutely zero pressure attached to it, is one of my favorite ways to get offline and take care of myself. With the start of a new year, now is a great time to set your intentions and maybe that includes picking up a new hobby. If you need an extra push or a little inspiration, these are a few of my hobbies.


Bow Pickleball Paddle // Striped Pickleball Paddle // Ralphs Truck Needlepoint Canvas // One More Chapter Needlepoint Canvas // Pineapple Street Book // Kindle Page Turner // Kindle // Watercolor Kit // Fabric Scissors // Sewing Machine


Let me just say, now that I’ve been at it for four years, I’m so glad I picked up this hobby.  If needlepoint looks intimidating to you, I promise it looks a lot more complicated than it is. It’s a straightforward pre-painted canvas with a basic stitch is essentially paint-by-numbers. It’s one of my favorite ways to unwind at the end of the day and has become a part of my evening routine. I love that it occupies my hands, and the repetitiveness of stitching has a way of clearing my mind. If you’re ready to give Needlepoint a try, I’d suggest reading my post, Needlepoint for Beginners: A Guide to Getting Started with Needlepoint.


It wasn’t until college that I was able to embrace reading for fun, and man, did it open up new doors for me! I love to read. I’m careful to keep reading fun, so I never resent it. I’ve also found that having something to read available at all times minimizes the amount of time I spend doing mindless things like scroll through my Instagram’s explore page or watching TikTok. I mostly read before going to bed. Sometimes it’s thirty minutes (or longer if I really can’t put the book down) and sometimes I read a page. As much as I’d love to lounge around and read for hours on end, that’s not how my life works. Ten minutes here, twenty minutes there is how I get my reading in. Chipping away at the book and sticking with the habit of reading makes a huge difference.

I’m also obsessed with my bluetooth page turner for my Kindle. Basically I can prop the Kindle up and get super cozy under blankets and not have to hold the device. I just hold the little remote and click to turn the page. It’s a 10/10 experience to be under the covers and still be able to read? It’s truly hard to describe until you experience it. If you need a good book to get out of your reading rut, I highly recommend Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson. I couldn’t put this book down and was desperately trying to carve out more time to read even just a page or two more, which is such a good sign! If. you’re looking for more book recommendations, I share monthly reading recaps here.


Sewing is a hobby where you can kind of get carried away with supplies. Honestly, it’s half the fun! For example, I have a huge stash of fabric stored away just waiting for the perfect project. Whether it’s sewing a pillow, a dress for myself and nieces, or a hair scrunchie. When I’m busy and stressed and overwhelmed being ~creative~ is the last thing I want to do…. But I never regret it. Last summer I took up the project of sewing a dress inspired by a very expensive one I saw online. A few followers suggested I could make it myself and after looking up some fabric choices and patterns online, I convinced myself that I totally could. This project ended up re-inspiring me in a big way and I started to piece together with some extra clarity that it was my perfectionism that had been holding me back from sewing more. If you’re ready to give sewing a try, I’d suggest reading my post, Sewing Basics.


I also would consider pickleball a hobby for me. It’s a pretty easy game to learn. (There’s a reason why everyone is playing!) It’s also been a nice way to meet even more people. It’s very social! And honestly it’s just fun. I do sometimes feel my competitive spirit getting the best of me, but I have to admit that this has been a fun lighthearted way to be competitive without it turning too intense.


Finally, if you’re looking for a few more ideas, try your hand at: watercolor painting, scrapbooking, pottery, golf, tennis, puzzles, baking, or crochet to name a few more. Take a local class to meet more people in your community, ask a friend, or look on YouTube to help you get started. There are so many amazing hobbies to try in 2024, so don’t let your fear or perfectionism hold you back!


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Can you post the dress you made on insta? I’d love to see it! Also your amazing stockings have inspired me to get into needlepoint!!

Debbie in Philly

Agree with you on the joy of having a hobby or two. Another hobby that people might find enjoyable is coloring! My mom took up coloring during a stressful period in her life and has continued it for sheer enjoyment. It can be as simple as a kid’s coloring book and crayons from the dollar store to intricate adult coloring books with fancy pencils. No learning curve and low cost!

Hallie -Blue Jasmine Floral

Another idea- taking a floral design class! Floral arranging is a great hobby 🙂 it is admittedly my job, but I adore the meditative aspect of working with flowers!


I love the emphasis on doing the hobbies for yourself! This year I am going to try embroidering