Holiday Spirit

I’m not exactly a grinch… but I kinda-sorta am one. Sometimes. I don’t know why, but more often than not I find that the holidays just have a lot of work around it. You think it’s going to be all pretty and fun and relaxing and nice to spend time with family and friends. But then you end up cleaning and spending money and traveling and cleaning some more and getting ready and feeling exhausted. See, I’m a grinch…

For whatever reason, this year I’m really feeling the whole holiday spirit though. Maybe it was the super late Thanksgiving or early Hanukkah. Or maybe it was our trip to see the Rockettes. The city has also been slowly transforming into its magical holiday costume of garland and lights everywhere. (It definitely makes the colder temperatures worth it!) Or maybe it’s some of the early holiday parties I’ve already attended!
I normally don’t bother with any kind of decorations, but I want a tree this year. A tiny, NYC apartment sized tree (that will be high up so the puppy doesn’t ruin it!). And maybe some garland! And maybe some lights!!
My December holiday list of things to do in the city keeps on growing and growing. Ice skating (in Bryant Park and Central Park) and watching the tree lighting are definitely two musts. Christmastime in the city is pretty difficult to dislike.
What gets you in the holiday spirit? What’s on your December holiday to-do list?

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Lori Ann

The past few years I wasn't really feeling Christmas, but this year I'm really excited, and happy for it, so I totally understand what you mean by being the Grinch. Something on my to-do list is making homemade chocolate covered peanut butter balls with my mom, we do it every year and keep some for ourselves, and then share the rest with others.

Kolbi Gray

I have NEVER liked the holidays until this year! I guess it's just that I'm all grown up now. I bought a tree and I got decorations and everything. I'm even vlogging everyday until Christmas. It's crazy. I guess my heart grew bigger this year. I totally feel where you are coming from.
Kolbi | Life With Kolbi

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

This year we are doing christmas in London and I'm really excited. It's definitely put me in a more festive mood! I've already visited some of the Christmas markets and will definitely be heading over to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. There are so many places to ice skate and I would like to go to a few. I've already booked tickets for skating at Somerset House on Christmas Eve (pictured in your post above). It's going to be so pretty!


I'm glad you're in the holiday spirit – I've always wanted to experience all those NYC Christmas traditions, so be sure to tell us all about them!

Emily @


I don't think there is a better place in the world to get into the holiday spirit than in NYC!! I think a little tree with lights in your apt will certainly brighten up your holiday season!! A little ice skating in the Boston Common for me always puts me in a good mood – and obviously watching Love Actually! 🙂


I'm always overly ambitious when it comes to holiday activities. I go and see both The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol. I drive around to see the holiday lights (my hometown has a special area called Candy Cane Lane that I love to visit during the holidays). I also love going to the Festival of Trees! Other than that, I love baking during Christmas and decorating. It's so much fun! Good luck having a tree and a puppy – my Westie is a ornament destroyer. I'm hoping he'll break the habit instead of more ornaments this year!


Julia D.

Since I'm at school away from home, I don't quite feel Christmas-y until I head back to the city. There's something about the snow, the lights, sounds, smells, and Starbucks holiday drinks that come with city-living that does it for me every year.

Kat Dhariwal

I feel like the grinch accurately represents me:) but being with my family and in the city get's me so happy. 22 Days and I still have so much to do!