Hollister Holiday Wish List

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hollister Co. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hollister Co asked me to do a post for a wish list for the holiday season. I went through the entire site looking for pieces that really fit well with my favorite kinds of styles. I ended up being super impressed and into a great number of items. (So in love with the statement necklace sweater!) I get asked all the time about where to shop to build out a preppy wardrobe, but on a budget. I have a handful of stores that I suggest over and over again, however, I completely overlooked Hollister. I’m excited to have teamed up with Hollister to put together this wish list since it really is something that I know a lot of people have been asking me to do more of. There are some super cute items though that are at great prices. What could be better for the holiday season?

Hobson Chiffon Shirt ($39.95) // I’m all about gingham year round, and I love that this one is perfect for tying at the waist. button ups are my go-to when I’m in a rush, but need to look put together. I like the pop of pink for cold days!
Supersoft Mittens ($13.97) // I like wearing gloves sometimes, but I almost always wear a pair of mittens. They just feel so much cuter and cozier than a pair of gloves.
Hobson Park Dress ($69.95) // This is a perfect dress for all sorts of holiday parties. Pair with brown riding boots and tights for a more casual look or pumps and dainty jewelry for a dressier look.
Tide Beach Sweatshirt ($31.47) // With this, you get the comfort and easiness of a sweatshirt while still looking extra chic. Hello, best of both worlds.
Alcazar Necklace Sweater ($49.95) // Skip the statement necklace because this sweater has one built in!
Hollister Sport Tank ($20.97) // Is your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape and go to the gym regularly? How could you not be motivated to work out with this cute tank top?
Keds Champion Dot Sneakers ($45) // Obsessed with these sneakers. They’re just so fun and are perfect for looking cute while staying comfortable. You can shop a whole lot longer in these sneakers!
Cute things right? And almost everything on my wish list is under $50! My number one rule of thumb for making purchases is how comfortable something is, so I love that these picks from Hollister are super chic and comfy. (Love the embellishments!) 
Don’t forget to add Hollister to your Black Friday Game Plan (anyone else map out the stores they want to make sure to go to?!) this year. Check off some of your own holiday wish list items and stock up on everything you need to stay warm (and cute!) this winter. If you’re heading to the mall on Thanksgiving, doors open at most locations at 8pm so you can be the first to take advantage of the best deals.
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Terisia Hicks

It seems like Hollister is stepping up their game! I stopped wearing their clothes once I entered college because it seemed like they were stuck in a rut of just putting their name on tshirts. I might have to stop by during black friday.

Fairy Princess Jord

I haven't shopped at Hollister in forever (I was sort of scarred after working there in high school) but the embellished sweatshirt and statement sweater are both totally cute and appropriate for non highschoolers!


Love the Keds. 😉 I usually don't shop at Hollister but these are some great items!!


Disappointed to see you support a company owned by one that promotes intolerance so openly. No matter how "preppy" the clothes seem to be, I can't patronize one with a CEO that releases hateful comments to the media.

Caroline Levin

the owner doesn't design the clothes. the look of the clothes has nothing to do with anything the owner said. y'all need to stop taking things so seriously. are we all going to shop at stores based on whether the owners ever said something rude in his or her entire life? let's be serious.


I love this! I'm a Hollister 'model' back in my hometown and I always get frustrated that nobody sees there is some great stuff hidden away there in the dark!!
xo Amy |

Connie B

I also work at Hollister and have come to love the clothing! I was offered a position the first time I stepped in a store in 4 years, and realized I really love it. People often bash the company because of the CEO, but he doesn't reflect the values of most of the associates or the type of clothing the company produces. Love this post!


Hannah Flom

I LOVE your blog, but I am disappointed in seeing you support a truly horrible company. Even though the clothes are cute and preppy, I do not like to see you promote the brand that stands for bigotry (i.e. clothes only for "cool kids" and a CEO that openly mocks overweight people).


I don't have a problem with Hollister's CEO. Honestly, what company wants its customer base to be overweight, unattractive people? Give me a list of CEOs that want such a customer to be the face of their company. True, Hollister's CEO could have phrased it a different way to soften the blow, but he only stated what was true. The brand's vision was for pretty people to wear the clothes. Fact. But so is every other big name designer (DVF, BCBG, Prada, Armani, etc).


Um, just because you're thin doesn't mean you're attractive. Should they screen out "butterfaces" from entering their stores? Not to mention the racist slogans on t-shirts, selling thongs for little girls, and burning damaged clothes rather than donating them to homeless people. I hope someday you become less shallow.


I completely agree with Kat and Hannah. The clothes are cute, but the company has abhorrent policies. I'm curious about whether or not you researched the company before accepting the sponsorship.

Brittany Renee'

Almost every single fashion brand uses models that are suffering from eating disorders yet you're going to boycott Hollister because their CEO made a bad comment? Your hypocrisy is astounding. Get off your high horse people or stop wearing designer clothing altogether.

Caroline Levin

thank you! it's not that serious. i'm sure the owner of almost every company has made rude comments before. we'd never buy clothes ever if we based our purchases on that.


I have those Ked sneakers! They are so comfortable and go with almost everything! I like to wear them with skinny jeans rolled up. They're adorable and of course great to shop in. 🙂


I definitely like the clothes that you posted (who new that stuff existed in Hollister?!?!), but I kind of question whether they'd fit a lot of people who read this – I mean, isn't their target demographic 14-18? I know that half the stuff doesn't fit me right, not because it's too small, but because I'm not a tween anymore, so it's just super awkward looking (too short, too straight cut, too young looking)

Katherine L

I agree. Unless you're in high school, you look pathetic trying to hold onto your youth by still wearing Hollister and Abercrombie clothing. The clothing isn't meant for adults; the cut of the pants specifically are designed for an adolescent who hasn't developed hips yet. They're are much better affordable options for "preppy on a budget".