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Interior design is not one of my strengths. It never has been. I can appreciate good design (even if it’s not my taste) and I can easily spot what I do and don’t like. But getting there? Not my forte.

I really struggle with paralysis when making decisions for design, especially since it’s not like a pair of shoes you can try on and easily pop in a box to return. Pinterest and Instagram kind of make it worse, I think, because then I’m just constantly comparing what I have versus what ~could be~.

Because of my lack of skill combined with indecision, I had to enlist the pros. Or in this case, pro.  Kelly’s friend Kira is going to help me and I’m so excited. (And very relieved.)

Currently, the bed we had in Hoboken is now in the guest room and considering that we don’t have another bed yet, it’s where we’ve been sleeping. Furniture and design both take time and I’m not trying to rush the process. I’d rather do it right once than feel unsatisfied and constantly tweaking. For now, it’s working. We have a LOT of “blank” canvases as well as a few pieces that I’ve collected over the years that I love (like my big desk that I never want to part with) so our house is totally livable for now! It’s so much bigger than our apartment though that I don’t even think we’re noticing the empty rooms… we still have so much space to spread out!!!

Leading up to buying the house, I started saving photos on Pinterest and Instagram for design inspiration. Which I promptly sent over to Kira! Our house is older (built in the 30s) with modern touches so I think it’s kind of a fun mix to play around with traditional and newer design trends.

Here are some of the photos that I REALLY loved:

Sun porch

This sunroom was one of the first things I ever saved…. years ago and it remains one of my favorites. We actually looked at a house that had a screened in porch and I thought it would be the perfect room to convert into an actual sunroom with windows that could be retracted back in warmer months.

Blue and white home

Mark D Sikes can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I LOVE his work. This was a room he designed for Coastal Living in Newport. It’s probably a little over the top for what I’d want in a bedroom, but it’s a great source of inspiration!

Clean Lines

Lauren Elaine Interiors is like my southern home dream designer. Everything she does is striking. I loved that this room was simple but cozy while still feeling elegant and refined. (Unrelated to our house, but she also designed my all time favorite nursery.)

Monogrammed Bedding

Love the mix of textiles between the upholstered bed, embroidered shams, and layered carpets that Liz Williams Interiors created. I typically lean towards a brighter blue, but this cornflower shade gives me all the feels!

Living Room

I am OBSESSED with Bria Hammel’s work. She’s so talented. I love the balance she strikes between whimsical touches and classic designs. We were going to work together when our closing date was earlier in the spring but our schedules didn’t line up once our move in was delayed. BUT, she has an online store that is so perfectly curated I could cry.


Okay. Guys. THIS ROOM. I’m beyond into it. It kind of feels like a less beach-y version of the sitting rooms in the Gasparilla Inn, which happens to be one of my favorite hotels in the world.

Built In Bookshelves

This is probably the very closest to what I love. As much as I’d love a toile and gingham and blue and white head to toe room, practically speaking this is what I love the most. It’s timeless and cozy and would withstand the test of trends. Going through Jamie’s Instagram, I just want to recreate it all! It’s welcoming and unfussy… every single one of her rooms seems to be inviting a guest to just sit and stay for a while!

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Congrats! Ballard Designs is a good place to shop for pieces that can save a dollar but get the job done and they are 30% off right now. They have lots of cornflower like the outdoor peacock toile pillow…not a big commitment. If looking for a colonial vibe, gateleg table. Also, appreciate their glass-topped rattan pieces in color or natural. Good luck!


I definitely have a Pinterest Board called “My Barbie Dream House”! I feel like I can also appreciate design, and know what I like and want, but I am terrible at execution because I get too overwhelmed ahah. I do love buying a bunch of home design/decor magazines, and making some mood boards to get the creative juices flowing! Have fun designing, Carly!

xx Libby


This post makes my heart happy. Kira is the best and you two are going to have SO much fun together. 🙂 xoxo! Already love where it’s headed!

Lauren King

If you want to tackle some rooms by yourself, check out the website Room Sketcher. You just measure your room and then can pop in details (like windows/flooring/wall color) and then furniture and window treatments, all to scale. Then you can view the floor plan view OR see how it would look if you were standing in the room, looking at different areas. I just used it to rearrange my office and it helped me figure out exactly which size chair I needed to finish the project.


Interior design could become your forte! You’re so talented and have a great eye. I’ve never really felt like interior design is a strength for me either (also coming from an apartment, like you and Mike), but I LOVE your style. I can’t wait to see what you decide on!

xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog


I can’t even say how well timed this post is for me! I shared with you on Instagram that we also just bought a new house with much more space to furnish than our old house so I feel like I’m on this journey with you! My house is in Chapel Hill (moves from Philadelphia) so I feel like I can go more towards “southern charm” but don’t want to veer too far towards “beach house!” I feel exactly the same as you, so clueless as to how to pull a look together. But these inspirations are great!!


Love the floor in the master bedroom, it is beautiful. How a house is designed is really up to how to live your life and what you do, but I have not seen anything so smart in a long time! This is gorgeous, and again I say, so smart! Thank you for the inspiration! This is wonderful to see. Thank you.