Five Ways to Braid Your Hair

I was standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change the other day. My dress was completely sticking to me. My hair was frizzing more and more by the second. And when I closed my eyes, I could have thought I was in an oven. Not Union Square.
This heat wave thing is not fun. It’s seriously hotter here than it is in Florida and it’s a different kind of hot too. Plus, the air conditioning isn’t as a great and we don’t just get in our A/C-on-full-blast cars to get around.
High ponytails and super tight (hair sprayed) buns are great for the summer. But I’ve been kind of getting sick of those… especially when I have to go somewhere after work. There’s no way that I’m going to wear my hair down all day.
My solution. Braids. Pretty much every single day.
(How perfect is Elizabeth Mayville’s braid painting? I think I’m going to get one for #ProjectAparment.)
I learned how to braid on my American Girl Dolls when I was in elementary school and then perfected the braid when I danced and everything. It’s turned into one of those skills that come in handy at the most random times.
Here are five braid tutorials on Youtube that are great and perfect for summer. If you’re not a braid expert, you may have to get a friend (or a mom!) to help.
Lauren Conrad (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE her?) has a website called The Beauty Department and it’s a super great resource.

The Beauty Department | The Classic French Braid
This tutorial is really just a simple introduction, but super great for learning the basic braid. (The classic French braid is what I typically turn to on a daily basis.)
Cute Girls Hairstyles | Dance Moms Braided Headband
Yes, I love Dance Moms. This braid is seriously quite easy… once you get the hang of it. And there’s so much you can do with it. Bring it into a bun, pull it into a pony tail, pin it back with your hair down… etc.
LetsMakeItUp1 | Spencer’s Braids from Pretty Little Liars
This is the tutorial I watched to figure out how to do my hair like Spencer’s. #TrueStory. If you know how to do a dutch braid, Spencer’s braid isn’t that hard at all!
LuxyHair | Everyday Fishtail Braid
Fishtails take a little bit of practice, but I think they’re SO cute. I typically braid mine super tight and then have to pull apart and separate the sections a little bit to really get a full looking fishtail.

Cute Girls Hairstyles | The Crown Braid
This is hard. So you definitely need a friend for this one!!! OR you can go to Dream Dry and get your hair braided there. A bunch of girls at the office have been getting their hair braided in the morning and then keeping it for a few days!
Which braid hairstyle is your favorite?

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I love this post! It's so nice to see that we all agree that wearing hair down in the summer is just not logical! I'll often just throw my hair back into a ponytail, or wear a side braid! Great post!

P.S. I learned to braid on my American Girl dolls too!

xoxo, Katelyn


Braids really are the perfect hairstyle for sweltering, hot days! I usually wear a side braid as I'm terrible at doing any other kinds of braids on my own hair. I'll definitely have to give these a try! Thanks for sharing!



Rachel Degraba

there will always be a special place in my heart for the classic french braid! it has always been a favorite and stays in place all day!


H. Thiers

I just love these styles! One of my favorite braiding styles is the french braid! It is so classic!



These braids are all great solutions. I really like the Spencer inspired braid!


I absoloutley love the idea of braids to keep your hair out of your face!
I found your blog when looking for new hair ideas for work actually! So glad I did! You have a new follower, check out my blog im just starting out



I need to watch a couple of these, I tend to stick to waterfall braids and french braids for summer. Love Maegan has a great tutorial on how to braid your hair across the back of your head and then tuck and pin it into an updo. I wear my hair that way a lot too.

Fashion and Happy Things

Meghan H

I love this post!! I am obsessed with braids they are my go to for every day hairstyles when I'm not in the mood to curl or straighten my hair. This post definetly has given me some new ideas to try… I love how there are so many different braids you can do. Anywho love this post and hope you are enjoying your summer 🙂