How to Organize Clutches

I have accumulated quite the collection of clutches over the past year or so. Last year I carried a clutch all summer long instead of a regular purse and ever since then I’ve been hooked on the functionality of them. When I’m not carrying one, chances are I have one tucked inside my tote for extra organization. It definitely makes switching bags easier and ensures I never lose something in the “black hole.”

The clutches I’ve collected started to amass to a rather cumbersome pile on the side of my dresser. It grew and grew. I’d even forget about ones because they’d literally just get lost in the shuffle. I thought a letter organizer would be the perfect solution. I ended up searching quite a few places before finding this perfect one.

Best Way to Organize Clutches

It originally came with chalkboard placards on each basket, but I snipped those off for a clean look. I popped the holder onto the wall among a framed gallery wall next to my closet. (I used two simple nails to hang it.) I love the look and think it adds a bit of dimension to the wall. If I had a bigger closet I’d probably hang it on the wall in there, but for now this will do just fine!

Clutch Organization

I stacked the clutches I use most often in the top basket for easy access, biggest to smallest so I can easily see what I’m working with or looking for.

How to organize clutches

I filled in the second basket with more options.

Sailboat Clutch

(I was gifted this clutch at The Shift while on Nantucket two weekends ago… I love it!)

It’s such a simple solution, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.

PS Pom pom clutch is from Tuckernuck (c/o)

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Hi Carly! Just wondering where you got your frames – particularly the gold one. Thanks!


I LOVE this idea, your clutches and your prints! This is definitely one of those- “why didn’t I think of that?!” solutions, so thank you for thinking of it and sharing! Can’t wait to find a similar organizer today at TJ Maxx/Marshalls, they have a lot of wire organizers that would be perfect for this project!


I LOVE this idea!! I have been trying to organize my purses since we moved into our house, and this is the perfect solution for the stacks of clutches I have laying on the floor in my guest room. Thanks SO much for sharing! At least some of my bags will be put away!


I love your blog..and tbh I’ve never been one to follow bloggers. Just wanted to stop by and send you kudos for doing such an amazing job! <3 <3 <3 all the way from TX!



Great post! I love your storage solution, and it looks like you have some amazing clutches in your collection. 🙂