How to Sneak in More YOU Time

I’m an introvert in that I need time to myself to reenergize and regroup. I can definitely turn it “on” when I’m with people, but end up feeling drained and downright exhausted when I finally find myself alone again. I love these tips from Maxie on how to squeeze in more “you” time!

How to Sneak in More YOU Time

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Being around people that you love is a beautiful thing. They give you energy. They keep you sane (most times). And they fuel you with support and encouragement. It’s a connection that our humanity depends on.
But no matter what stage of life you’re in and no matter who you’re surrounded by, there’s one person that you must spend singled out, one-on-one time with. One person you cannot forget to focus on. Yes, you guessed it: you.
When you take away the distractions of other people like your parents, siblings, and besties. And other digital people (I’m talking those friends and followers). And technology. You’re able to connect with yourself instead. You can go inward to figure out how you’re feeling. What you want. Why. About the day. About the week. About decisions coming up. Or about life’s most existential concerns.
During times like the holiday season, it can be hard to get alone time. You have holiday parties galore, travel, family commitments, and work to be done to close out the year.  It’s times like these that you have to be even more diligent and strategic about finding time to just be with yourself– pay attention to your thoughts, listen to your body, and get clear with your feelings. It’s always important, but especially during the month ahead, that kind of inward focus will help you destress and stay sane. If you don’t know how or where to start, try sneaking in a little you time here and there…
Go for a Jog
Don’t run? Me either. But when I’m in the midst of the crazy and need a half hour away from everyone, I lace up on my shoes and act like I’m “going for a run.” My run ends up being a long walk jamming out to my favorite songs with the phone on airplane mode. It’s the perfect way to get time to breathe and think without having to make it a big deal.
Morning Time
Early bird gets the worm. The one called YOU time. Waking up 30 minutes earlier to do whatever you want is refreshing. No one will be up yet. You’ll have less to push against (other than getting your own booty up). And you can spend that time however you want – reading, writing, meditating, coloring. You name it. 
Coffee for Here
When was the last time you took your coffee “for here.” Instead of “to go”? It’s the perfect 20 minute break to sit in an oversized chair, get in some great people watching of strangers you don’t know, and have some time and space for yourself. 
Arrive Early
Leave earlier than you need. Arrive earlier than you should. And just stay in your car. Park it. Put both feet on the floor. Adjust the seat. Keep your phone stowed away. Close your eyes if you need. And just get fifteen or twenty minutes of breathing. Music. Quiet. And calm. 
Staying connected to yourself will keep you calm when things get crazy. You don’t always need a whole day or a solo trip to reconnect with you. YOU time can happen in the simplest (and sneakiest) of ways. Get crafty.

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Ali Henriques

Hi Maxie, thanks for the great post; I completely agree with these strategies. I can personally attest to running being an awesome way to get me time. Three years ago in my fourth year of undergrad I was going through a really rough time (a bad breakup and generally feeling lost in life). I also was the person who had never been able to run even a mile continuously in my life. I needed the me time, and so I started running (jogging and walking really) for just this reason. I got to the point where I would just keep running until I felt I had outrun and left behind whatever was looming over me before that. If I felt like it was catching up to me again before I got back to my apartment I would try to outrun it again. When I was too physically exhausted and full of endorphins to feel bad about whatever had me down before, I would walk home. I was never a runner. Now I'm signed up for my second half-marathon and it's the best thing that could have happened. I hope your words of wisdom help someone else find their solace. Thanks for the inspiration.


Great tips! I also find "me time" in an easy way by turning off the radio while I'm driving in the car. Being surrounded by the silent, closed space of my car really feels like a time to recharge and collect my thoughts.