Leslie Tessler Cape

So… even though I love capes and love the way they look on other people (even fictional characters like, of course, Olivia Pope), I never really thought I could pull one off. However, I think I’m officially a convert. Leslie Tessler sent me a cape to style and oh it is perfect! 
The weather this weekend was the perfect kind of weather for a cape too. Chilly enough where you needed something other than a shirt, but warm enough where exposed sleeves were totally fine. 
Outside of The Bakeshop… the cutest, most delicious bakery.
I wore old (comfortable) ballet flats because I knew I would be walking around a bunch and the sidewalks are kind of muddy from melting ice/snow. But swapping in heels would I think be a nicer and dressier touch for nights.

Leslie Tessler Cape (c/o) // Blouse (c/o) // Jeans


PS GREAT NEWS! Leslie Tessler is offering 25% off purchases with the code “CPREPSTER” at checkout.

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Absolutely adore the cape! It's a shame the winter is over in Germany and I'd have to wait til next year to get myself one of those beauties, but it'll be so worth it!
Andy from Savor Each Bite