How to Style a Barbour Jacket

I’ve been on the fence about Barbour jackets for a while now. Nearly every girl at Georgetown (#janehoya) had one. The minute cooler weather rolled around, you couldn’t walk from the front gates to Lau (our library) without seeing at least ten… on both the girls and the guys. The jackets are super masculine and rich with history.

“The Barbour story began in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields. Today the 5th generation family owned business remains in the North East, with Barbour’s headquarters located in Simonside, South Shields. Although it sources products from around the globe, Barbour’s classic wax jackets are still manufactured by hand in the factory in Simonside and each year over 100,000 jackets are processed via the central, subsidiary and local customer service operations.”
via Barbour
I have to admit that the masculinity intimidated me a bit. But, I’m officially sold. It’s turned into my go-to jacket for casual errand running, quick trips to Starbucks on early weekend mornings, and less-than-ideal weather conditions.
Tuckernuck (a longtime College Prepster favorite) sent me the women’s navy Beadnell jacket to review and it’s been love ever since.
I just so happened to run into my friend F.E. Castleberry (of Unabashedly Prep!) on the Upper East Side while wearing it. Fred, of course, is never without a camera charged and ready to go. He took this shot a few blocks north of the Met. Definitely swing by his original post for the full body shot! The way he captured the beautiful light that day is a little bit mesmerizing. I forget how amazing New York City can be until I see it captured like this.
I’m seriously guilty of walking and reading emails on my phone… or worse, responding to emails on my phone… while walking. I forget to look up and take it all in. I’m so happy this moment and this light is saved forever!

In this picture, I’m wearing: skinny jeans, riding boots (similar), ruffled blouse, and a Brooks Brothers sweater. I really like the androgynous jacket and sweater, but the feminine details of the blouse delicately emerging from the collar and the sleeves. (And I live in my riding boots…. live in them.) 

As far as styling a Barbour jacket goes, I really think that anything goes! It’s not something to really over-think. Wear with leggings (gasp!), hunter boots, and a chunky cable knit sweater for a super relaxed casual (and cozy) look. Or simply throw on over whatever you’ve planned to wear for the day! Somehow… it will just work.
Thank you Fred for the photograph and Tuckernuck for the amazing Barbour jacket!
Do you have a Barbour? How do you/would you style one?

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I don't have a Barbour but I fell in love with them while I was in London last month. I think they are such a classic piece that will last a long time. They are definitely preppy too but I love it.

xo, Amy


I love them, was thinking of purchasing one. I love the dark greenish color, i think they called it sage. Is the size true to fit? I was having issues deciding between getting a 2 or a 4.


I love the jacket! In my opinion, you can pull off masculine inspired pieces so much easier in the winter. I stole my fiancee's sweater and wore it with leggings and boots last week. Right now, I'm browsing for a cardigan to wear to a wedding in Miami. Have you tried on the J Crew factory cardigans? If so how do they fit? My sizing at the regular J crew can be so variable!

Catherine Hathaway

I got a Barbour Jacket last Christmas and I honestly wear it every where. It works with all my everyday looks. Jeans, cords, dresses, skirts, you name it, it works. Barbour is a great company because they produce amazing quality and cater to their customers. If there is something not right with your jacket, all you do is send it to the factory and they repair it. LL Bean is the only other company I can think of off hand who has this kind of customer service. This is something I will have my whole life. I love it.

The F Spot: Fashion Blog

Love the Brooks Brothers sweater (I own the same one!) with the Beadnell jacket. I bought my first Barbour jacket–the Calvary quilted jacket in red–this past September. I chose the Calvary over the Beadnell because I was concerned about the Beadnell's fit.

The Calvary is very slim compared to the Beadnell, or so I've heard. I've never seen a Beadnell in person, but now that I know it fits your small frame, I'm going to buy one. I'm still confused about the sizing, though. Most stores, including Tuckernuck and Nordstrom, are out of my size (or at least what I think is my size). Apparently, Beadnells don't come in a size 2–the smallest begins at a 4. Is this true? What size is yours?

Miranda Haley

I love your look, this entry looks similar to Sarah Vickers recent post! I love both of your styles! I want a Barbour so badly but I can't afford one, do you know of any similar looking jackets or does Tuckernuck have awesome sales???


Perfect timing on your post! I just got an olive colored one on monday and although I love it, I do worry it's a little masculine. To be honest though, I am not sure I care! Today I wore mine with a blue popover, skinny jeans, brown longchamp, black riding boots and my new J Crew grey polka dot mobius scarf (LOVE). I wore it with black skinnies and black chelsea boots the other day, and I was VERY pleased with how equestrian I looked 😉 I live in Seattle so I also got the hood.


So is the Barbour jacket warm? As in, would it be appropriate on a snowy day?

Also, most of the listings on sites make the jacket look kind of shiny, which I do not like. But in your photos it looks more like denim. Which is most accurate?