How to Wear…. Cords

I’ve been getting lots of questions about what to wear with corduroys.  I thought it’d be a perf CP post!
I always get so sick of wearing jeans during the winter time.  Corduroys are the perfect material to stay warm and look in season.
So you’ve stocked up on J. Crew cords (I mean, come on, who hasn’t?), but they’re sitting in your closet with the tags still attached.  And you’ve bought that skirt that looked so cute on the mannequin except now you just don’t know what to wear it with!
Here are some options:
corduroy pants
corduroy skirts
When planning an outfit, keep in mind the fit of the bottoms.  If you are wearing a boxier, boot cut pant, try pairing it with a tighter fitting sweater or shirt.  Matchstick cords can be paired with looser, baggier sweaters.  Colors can be a little tricky with cords as well.  Bright cords match well with darker earthier tones and dark cords match with lighter and brighter colors.
Corduroys can be dressed up (with heels and a sequined top) for a holiday party or dressed down (with a flannel and moccasins) for studying in the library.  They’re just so versatile.
So, next time you fret over having to wear jeans (again.), pull off the price tag on those cords and rock them.

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Moonlight Serenade

People always ask me at work what to pair with cords and it's a hard thing to match up with because the colors are always different. Those are really nice options though. I love the first two.


Thank you for this post, I have a pair of grey cords and everything I try to pair them with makes me look frumpy, but your post made me realize its because I don't pair them with fitted, more structured tops. Now I'm tempted to get a pair of skinny cords!