Humans of New York

I love the city. LOVE it. But with all great romances, I also hate it from time to time. There’s rarely an in between for me and the love greatly outweighs the hate. (Most days that is.)
This weekend was honestly filled with a lot of dislike. Despite the fact that the weather was perfection. I was more frustrated than I think I should have been. Everything was driving me insane. Big things, yes. But mostly the little, dumb things. People not lining up the right way in Starbucks, being trampled by fourteen fifth graders on scooters, the subways not running normally on the weekends, everyone (myself included) being late for everything because two miles can take forty minutes, people smoking on the sidewalks, dating and the city, a girl wearing see-through plastic wrap as a dress with a fake knife/blood in her chest…. I mean, I had pretty much had it with the city.
After tossing and turning all night long because of my anxiety, I finally dragged myself out of bed to get ready for brunch with a friend. I started the morning by scrolling through my Tumblr newsfeed. The Universe delivered exactly what I needed to see…

“… when it feels like You versus eight million Thems. But if you can break the crowd into pieces, and then break the stone-faced armor until the honesty spills out… the city softens…”

via HONY

I love Humans of New York. More than I can even really write. And watching this feature makes me love it even more!

Oh, New York. I do love you.


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I've been following HONY since it was a seedling and before Brandon started adding captions to the photos. It has been truly incredible to watch it grow. He's a very deserving man.

Jackie {York Avenue}

What an amazing guy! I've heard of Humans of New York before, but seeing that video and the person behind it really puts it in a whole new light. It's crazy that he could take an idea like that and turn it into something so powerful that touches so many people. I hope I see him shooting on the street some day! And the Sartorialist too 🙂


I loved that you shared this because I had an almost similar weekend in Chicago! I had never heard about Humans and New York before!


It's amazing how a little goodness in your town can warm your heart. We have a compliments page here at PSU and it always me smile how much good other people can do in our lives and how that person have no idea that it affects that many people.