A few weeks back, I was debating on whether to get the hydrangea or the navy pajama set. As anybody (ha) would do, I turned to Twitter and it was pretty divided! I ended up going with the hydrangea… and let me tell you, I’m obsessed.
It’s so perfect for the summer. (And I get the best of both worlds with the navy piping!)
Now, naturally, I’m wanting to get everything from J. Crew in the hydrangea color. It’s so fresh and clean for the season.
How perfect is the hydrangea sleeveless striped top and the hydrangea Eadie purse? They’re made for each other! With a pair of white jeans? Done!
What color are you gravitating towards right now?

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Keelin S.

I JUST bought the Hydrangea striped top today and have been swooning over it for weeks! It's one of those tops that are prettier in person. I say go for it!


I notice you're reading "Girls in White Dresses" which I read over this past winter break. I didn't particularly love the way it was written, but I liked the stories about each girl. (Once I started remembering who was who…) And the general theme of the book was interesting. I have recently been drawn to books about young women's "quarter life crisis" stage.

I hope you'll do a post about the book when you've finished!


loving that color recently! i have been debating between the navy and the hydrangea. good to know it has the navy piping!