Hygge Season

A few years ago I read The Little Book of Hygge and it really resonated with me. This is going to sound dramatic but I actually think it changed my life because it made me rethink winter. Not that I *love* winter, but I enjoy it a whole lot more with a new “hygge attitude.” I think it’s common to think hygge (pronounced hue-gah) just means cozy, but the exact meaning is a little bit more intricate. (Definitely recommend reading the book to get the full concept.) Like simply sitting in front of a fire is not hygge but bundling up and going for a walk on a super cold day and then sitting in front of a fire with a mug of coffee and a baked good is.

Anyway, Mike and I love the lifestyle in general, but with the pandemic still very much here (and a looming resurgence of the virus in the cold months), we are going to be relying on hygge even more. I’ve been daydreaming up ideas to get me excited for the cold weather and it has REALLY helped with feeling prepared mentally for a winter at home. I’ve been looking into cozy books and pinning delicious recipes (soups, pastas, and baked goods) to get excited.

And, of course, preparing our backyard!!! One thing that really helped me back in March/April when the pandemic started was going outside every. single. day. Even when it was freezing, I was outside walking the dogs or bundled up to read on our lawn.

Here are the things I’ve invested in so far to make sure we can enjoy the outside as much as possible. I’d also love to hear what you’ve done in years past or what you are planning to do this year.


Lounge Chairs // Chappy Wrap Blankets

Patio Heater // Fire Pit // Projector

If we had a bigger backyard I think we’d do a built in fire pit, but for now this freestanding one is what we’re using. We just got it and set it up and had a fun afternoon of making s’mores. I love the smell of a fire pit… instantly puts me in a “cozy” mindset. And as for the patio heater… I have my dentist to thank for this! I mentioned that we were probably going to get a couple and she told me that they were selling out fast. She was right! After multiple failed orders, I finally got in touch with someone at Central Restaurant Products who helped me find a patio heater that will be shipping at the end of October. (I have never ordered from there before and have no affiliation, but I was genuinely IMPRESSED with their customer service… Reed, you’re the best!)

One activity we’re looking forward to is more outdoor movie nights. This is the projector we got– it’s not the most expensive and not the most affordable but we’ve been super happy with it. I plug in our Apple TV to it and we can stream everything right through it. We had been hanging a sheet up, but I was getting sick of pulling the ladder out every time… so I splurged on a screen with its own stand. The best benefit (beyond my laziness) is that now we can move the projector anywhere– doesn’t have to be against a wall (for the sheet).

PS If you’re nervous about the upcoming seasons, highly HIGHLY recommend reading The Little Book of Hygge!

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Shannon Mahaney

I love your mindset on implementing Hygge to get through the winter months. I am also from Florida but living in South Carolina and it gets colder here. Each winter I feel miserable. This year I refuse to let that happen! Bring on the fire pits and cozy blankets!


I love that you’re being proactive about the coming colder months and mentally preparing yourself and trying to put a positive spin on it. I know you love needlepoint but may I suggest trying knitting as well? Both activities fit into the hygge lifestyle and knitting could add some variety if you’re interested in trying something new during the colder months. Either way, I’m glad to see you’re embracing the cold weather ahead, it’s such a better mindset to have and helps get through the long dark months of winter!

Denise Groulx

I’ve read that little book and will re-read it so that I’m ready for the cold wintera awaiting us and be happier to live through this season. Many thanks and have a good day.


Thank you, Carly! I’m a public health professor and I watch the data and projections quite closely and so I’ve been feeling an impending sense of doom. This is the mindset reframe AND things I can control wrapped into one. I’m going to go order the book now! <3


Make sure to stock up on propane for the patio space heater…a lot of places are selling out in anticipation of the coming cold weather


These are fantastic ideas…so important during this different time. I just love this mindset shift-great reminder! Here’s another Patio Heater that I found and LOVE if anyone’s looking and find that many are sold out…It was under $300 and came quickly. Fast customer service and great quality…truly couldn’t be more pleased! https://sportsoutdoorsupply.com/collections/all