I Love Athleisure

I’ve never been against the athleisure trend, but I never fully embraced it myself. My idea of a comfortable outfit is jeans and a sweater, which I wear like a uniform most days.

I think because I have been spending so much time in the gym now (!!!), the idea of athleisure has really grown on me. It’s more like a way of life or something. Comfortable leggings? An oversized cozy top? Sneakers I can walk fourteen miles in without skipping a beat? Count. Me. In.


It was so cold over Labor Day weekend. I had packed my weekender for a trip to the beach as if it was summer. (Because it was still summer.) When the weather was unexpectedly chilly and rainy, I made a detour to an Athleta store to pick up some cozy things to wear indoors at the beach.

If you haven’t been inside of an Athleta store recently, you must go asap. I was so impressed with the whole selection. They have clothes for workouts, yoga class, errands, and even great pieces for the office. I was blown away and started telling all of my friends to go.

Longchamp Backpack

I picked out a few pairs of yoga pants and a couple of tops, including this great grey one.

Comfortable Outfit Idea Grey Long Sleeve Athleta

The top is a must-have for leggings because it comes down long enough to cover your entire butt. Sleeves with thumb holes are also a weakness of mine. They’re especially perfect for those cold mornings when I’m walking the dogs!

College Prepster Carly HeitlingerIsn’t the length perfect?! I feel so much more comfortable when I’m completely covered, you know?


Vest // Grey Top // Leggings // Sneaker // Backpack // Sunglasses

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I LOVE the vest with the leggings. I’ve never thought to pair the two, but it looks so effortless.

An Historian

Athleisure has been a huge move in the style game- mixing and matching definitely increases the versatility, and I think it also brings the look to that next level. I’ve not had the chance to shop at Athleta yet, but I plan on spending some time sizing myself there on my next trip to the States! How do you find the leggings, compression-wise?


I bought the leggings in an XS and S… They’re almost exactly the same, both feel amazing. They really suck you in, without being suffocatingly tight.


How is the sizing for the top you are wearing? Its always tricky for me with shirts that are meant to be baggy!

Madeeha Syed

I literally am wearing the same outfit (navy leggings, grey long sleeves tee, navy j crew vest and, sneaks) + baseball hat today. It’s seriously so comfortable and the vest makes it a little less lazy. Deff thought it was funny but great minds!



Oh I totally get this trend! A year ago we moved from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs and this is basically all people where – we call it hiking chic, like I can go out for a hike or go out to a real hip restaurant. Love the yoga pants!


I’m notorious for wearing leggings as pants. It’s comfy and if you’re just running out for errands, they look way more put together the sweat pants. I have no shame on wearing leggings on the daily! You look gorgeous as always.
Teenage Wayfarer