I love to paint.  There’s something super relaxing about sitting down and zoning out and just painting.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much time at school to paint.  (And frankly, I don’t bring paints to school so I don’t get distracted and paint instead of study!)
I sat down this week to paint a few Christmas-y things from around the house.
This is sort of what our front door looks like!

We love old fashioned Christmas lights!!!  I think this strand is super festive.  I’m thinking of getting these printed next year on cards.  

Lopsided Christmas tree.

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I love to paint too. I did a lot of it yesterday 🙂 Have you ever used watercolor pencils? They're really fun and sometimes more useful than regular watercolors. I use a water brush instead of a paint brush and it's really great! I use the Koi water brush and the Staedtler aquarell pencils. I also love my Pitt pens because they are waterproof so I can paint right over them! Your paintings look so great and festive!


These are so totally great. These should absolutely be on the front of a Christmas card. I am telling you. I am 52, I would totally buy these cards.

Merry Christmas,



Carly, these are beautiful! I saw the lights painting on pinterest earlier tonight and thought it was beautiful — I had no idea you painted it! You are so talented! I think that would be wonderful to have them printed on cards! Great job!