I spy with my little eye…

California Funk!!!
I got no fewer than three emails from readers saying they spotted California Funk in the most recent Vineyard Vines catalog.
On the way to the Apple store (he got the new iPhone… hate him), we popped into the Vineyard Vines store to check it out since our copy hadn’t arrived at the house yet.
There he is!  I sent the picture a gajillion years ago, but it finally made it in.
And, seriously, how is it fair that he made it in before ME!? He can always hold that one over my head haha.
I shared some of my favorite dresses and skirts from Vineyard Vines yesterday, so I’d thought I should share some of my fave men’s items!

Gingham retro swim trunks!  I think the length is kind of aggressive, but in a good way!

California Funk refuses to wear critters, so I’ll settle for this.
By the way, can you tell… I love blue gingham?
I bought this J. Crew skirt… for $20 PLUS 20% off [in store].. haha #legit.
Now if only I could convince CF to match with me 🙂

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Summer Wind

Love all these picks and what a cute skirt! Two years ago, I was in the VV Catalog! I had no idea but someone on campus stopped me and said they saw me in it so I looked it up and sure enough I was right in the catalog!

Morgan Alyse

So cute. I WISH I could get my bf to wear clothes like that. Ugh! The closest to preppy he'll wear are polos. 🙁

Love your blog, just "followed" you. Feel free to check mine out!



Ooh, good for him! I tried on that gingham skirt, too, but I didn't work for me–too bad, it's a great deal!