I Wanna Be a Rockette

You know the song “I Wanna Be a Rockette”? That is 100% how I’ve felt pretty much my entire life. Even after I quit dancing in eighth grade, I still dreamed of being a Rockette. It was a childhood dream that I’ve held onto long after it was reasonable or even feasible. I actually used to be kind of tall for my age with the longest legs in my dance classes. My legs apparently just stopped growing in fifth grade while the rest of me caught up. I was 5′ 3″ throughout high school and grew about two inches throughout college (#verylatebloomer)… so I’m shy half an inch for the necessary 5′ 6″ minimum. Of course, the lack of dance training would be the first thing holding me back, but let’s just pretend like it’s solely a height issue 😂. (Let a girl dream!)


My family used to travel to NYC pretty frequently. I think there was a stretch where we went every year. We’d always go to as many Broadway shows as possible (probably one of the best investments my parents made for us!) and one year we were there around Christmas/New Year’s and went to see the Rockettes. Needless to say, I was hooked on the high kicks.

Rockettes Radio City Music Hall

While I was in Tampa for Thanksgiving, I got an email from my friends at Venus about doing a dance class with the Rockettes. It was the fastest “yes!” reply I’ve ever sent! Venus is the official razor of the Rockettes, and I think it’s such a genius partnership for them. A few people from the press and social media were invited… it was so much fun and felt like my dream did come true, even if it was only for two hours. Seriously, I loved every second of it!!!!


Pink Crop Top // Sports Bra // Leggings (c/o) // Sneakers

The two Rockettes who taught the class were amazing. It was fun to hear about their audition experiences and interesting to know about some of the more behind the scenes of it all. Melinda, the Rockette on the left, has an eight-month-old baby and danced last year’s season while she was pregnant! As much as I like to dream about being a Rockette, being a professional dancer is no joke. The precision that goes into every step was insane. I didn’t think it would be easy at all, but I was impressed by the various positions that they had to eyeball– and nail– alongside everyone else in the company with no room for error. For example, the lines alone can be split, toed, or heeled…. just the slight inch or two could make a huge difference in how the dance looks.

During the class, we learned a few eight counts of the iconic toy soldier dance. It’s been in the repertoire since the 30s and is basically as “Rockette” as it gets! We attempted the most basic steps, and it was such a challenge. We also learned a little portion of a dance complete with the high kicks. I. Was. Living. For. It.

After the class concluded, we did a quick tour of Radio City Music Hall, and I more or less floated home I was just so happy.

PS Anyone can actually sign up to do a dance class with the Rockettes. It looks like it’s wrapped up for the year, but might be something you’re interested in for next year. A reader went after seeing the class I did on Instagram, and she said it was a blast– but also filled with kids…. so if you’re going to do it, bring a bunch of your girlfriends.

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I was never able to take dance as a child but wanted to so so badly. That looks like such an awesome experience. Sadly, I’d be about 6 inches too short!

I love seeing all your adventures, partnership or not. (Vicariously living through your social media! Haha)


I loved this!!! What a fun experience. You seemed to have had a blast!

A suggestion: look into some adult dance classes in your area. I take adult beginner ballet, and it’s one of the highlights of my week. You were glowing in this video- adding some dance classes into your life seems like a good fit!


You looked so happy and did great. I completely agree that you should take dance classes. You’re a natural. New Years resolution?


You did great Carly, and your smile is priceless! Thanks for sharing this with us – 1000000000% on my bucket list for next season!!!!


Coolest Experience Ever!!! I was a dancer for 16 years growing up and tap was my favorite so of course the end goal was to be a Rockette! I’m so jealous you got to do this- looks incredible!
xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black


You looked so professional! You were definitely hitting it in the video! You were by far the best one! Go you!!


That is so awesome! I love the Rockettes! I’ve never been to one of their shows, but they are my favorite part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


It was so cool to get to see you fulfilling your childhood dream. You looked like you had a blast. You did an excellent job and would definitely by Rockette material, if you were a half inch taller!


This has been on my list for so long!! It looks like so much fun (and so much work), but I love that you did this!