I want to rewind the clock

… and be 7 years old again.

These playhouses are INCREDIBLE. I found them at Lilliput Playhomes.

This one is definitely my favorite. It looks like a real house. And I love the porch!!!

So cute!

This definitely one-ups the half puppet show/half grocery store stand that my sister and I had.

A little much, but I wouldn’t complain. 😉

Oh, and you MUST check out their custom playhouses. Holy moly. There are some spoiled kids out there.


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Sassy In The South

I would have loved having one of those as a little girl, and if I ever have a little girl of my own, she will have a fabulous play house like one of those.


holy moly, is right! wow…and as a kid i thought turning the bicycle shed in my backyard into a playhouse was the best thing since sliced bread…boy was i wrong! thanks for sharing, i may start saving for my own kids 🙂


I love these! They are so classy and fun! I had a log cabin playhouse when I was little and I hated it. The squirrels would get in and it scared me. Kinda pathetic but I was a pain when I was little! Hope you had a great weekend!

Polish and Pearls

Oh my goodness, how adorable! I remember when I was little, my cousin's dad or someone built her a house like that- not quite as elaborate, but she had shutters, vinyl siding, electricity, glass windows, shingled roof- it was awesome. I was so jealous, lol!

Jennifer Black

So adorable! I would have loved these as a child. I pass a house on my way to work that has a mini replica of their house in back. Jealous.