If I had 25k to spend, I would….

… have a hard time deciding what to buy!
I would love to buy this CUPCAKE CAR! It is included in Neiman Marcus‘ “The Christmas Book.” Who wouldn’t want to zip around in one of these cars??? I mean, they only go 7 miles an hour, but they’re personally customized and just so stinking cute! Watch a video of the cars here.

Or… the Lilly Jeep! Equally as cute and definitely more efficient.

Here I am with a Lilly Jeep last spring. (Please forgive me for the outfit… It was freezing, and I was on my way down to the boathouse for practice. See my cox box bag, with a pink bow of course!)
Both are $25,000… So, I’m thinking that I should win the lottery and buy both! Woo!
-College Prepster
PS I’m having the weekly sleepover with Little V tonight! We love having slumber parties 🙂

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