I’m trying to get rid of my “crazies.” Trust me, there are plenty of them.

I have HATED ketchup for as long as I can remember. I literally can’t touch a bottle. I use napkin holders to create a barrier between me and ketchup on other people’s plates. Looking at it gives me the chills and makes me feel sick.

On Saturday night, I told some of the rowers that I was getting rid of the crazies and that I wasn’t crazy anymore. (Side note: they call me Crazy Carl.) One of them demanded that I prove it by eating ketchup.

They squirted a little onto a fork… I had a little meltdown when one of them thought it would be funny to put it on my hand. But, I successfully tasted it.

California Funk didn’t see it and he couldn’t believe he missed it so he made me do it again for him. It tasted a lot stronger than I remembered. Just like the smell but 10 times stronger.

Fordham Prepster came up with the idea that I should try to eat it every chance I get. So I had a french fry with a dot of ketchup.

Baby steps people… Baby steps.

-College Prepster

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I ate a hamburger (hadn't had one for over 13 years) with my new beau the other weekend. you're right about the baby steps- I started with one of those mini slider burgers!


Finally you are BACK!!! Really missed you…I don't have a "crazy" about catsup, as long as it is Heinz in the frig only for guests…but then again…I never, never even eat catsup… go figure!!!


Here's one followers…how 'bout the ones who put catsup on steak!!!…now that is as disgusting of any misuse of catsup!!!