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I’m heading to Dallas today for a blogger conference… which is really just a great excuse to see friends from around the country 😉
I went last year too and I was totally unprepared for how long the flight was. I still was working at my old job and I basically forgot I was even going when the week started. It was a scramble and a half to get ready. The last thing on my mind was how long the flight was. When we had been in the air for three hours, I finally asked, Wait, how long is this flight?! It’s almost five hours from NYC to Dallas!!!
I’m kind of like a four year old when it comes to flights. Nervous about taking off and landing, big enough (duh) to sit on my own, but unless I’m completely occupied or entertained, I get bored and cranky. I’ve done a video post about packing a carry-on and now I’ll share some of things I like to do while in the air. (Or at least having the option of doing. Seriously, I need to be entertained. Partly so I’m distracted from the fact that we’re in the air and partly because I just get so impatient and I’m not good about being disconnected and stuck in one seat.)
When we were little going on trips, I used to be the same way. Shoving crayons and toys and everything I could imagine into the one backpack my mom let me carry-on. It would be insanely heavy, but I wanted to be prepared!!! Nowadays, I try to keep things a bit lighter… but still just as much entertainment.
A Funny Show to Re-Watch or Binge-Watch // This is one of my “last resort” tactics. I have the first two seasons of GIRLS on my iPad and I love to pull up an episode or two (lol, jk… I watch like seven…). The trick here, in my opinion, is watching something you already know and love. One time I made the mistake of downloading a movie that was such a snooze-fest. Not fun.
Sudoku App // This is my favorite thing to do. I put the app on the hardest level and it takes about twenty minutes to play a game. I get super sucked into Sudoku (it helped me survive AP Chem back in high school…). Three games = one hour! And I hardly notice time passing because I’m trying to beat my previous score without making a mistake. Kind of nerdy, but I swear by Sudoku!
Inspiring Magazines // Leave the easy-to-read magazines for a pedicure. I love to buy a couple of inspiring magazines (Fast Company is my favorite) before the flight. The longer the articles, the better. I tend to take a pen and jot down notes and favorite quotations to review later.
A Long Page-Turner // No boring books allowed on the plane! (Unless you want something to make you fall asleep right away.) Getting sucked into a good book is the best way to make the time literally fly right on by!
All the Candy // When in doubt, snack on some favorites. I’ll eat Swedish Fish until my stomach hurts. Not sure if this counts as entertainment, but when I’m starting to feel crabby/restless or just plain stressed from turbulence, bring on the candy. At the very least, it’s a mood booster. (It also makes me drink more water during the flight!)
What’s your strategy for in-flight entertainment? Any favorite apps or magazines?
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Dani Fairbairn

I always bring a book or music when I'm on a plane. Usually though I don't end up needing either because I ALWAYS fall asleep. I don't know what it is but plane rides (& long car rides) just knock me out.

I always bring a book or music when I'm on a plane. Usually though I don't end up needing either because I ALWAYS fall asleep. I don't know what it is but plane rides (& long car rides) just knock me out.

The Postcard Journals


I usually just choose from the plane's movie library and go on movie marathons 🙂 If I'm feeling aspirational, I'll read a book. Hardly will you ever find me sleeping on a plane 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

alaina shea

I agree with the magazines – I'll find a good one with interesting articles, pop on some headphones with nice background music (ie. Bon Iver or Coldplay) and next thing I know, I'm there!

Katie McC

I travel from Miami to Lima, Peru next week to visit my Compassion Child and the flight is 5 hours. I've only been on a plane once before and it was from Orlando – LAX and the flight was also 5 hours. It was my first time, so I was extra nervous and excited at the same time. I remember the plane feeling like the Hulk Roller Coaster talking off at Islands of Adventure, but soon after we were an hour into the flight, I was sooo antsy. I was super weary of being in the air also, so I mostly listened to music on my iPod. It was my saving grace. I had magazines to read but it's such a strange feeling, I just remember listening to music and watching the plane move along the screen hoping we would be landing soon. There was no sleeping to be had, I am not sure I'll ever be able to sleep on a place ha but I better get used to it because our flight back is an all night red-eye. I will be bringing one good book and lots of music and snacks. Hopefully this and meeting all the people in my travel group will keep me occupied. Thanks for all the tips!