My sister helped me shoot a holiday campaign last week while she was in town. (Can’t wait to share! I’m really proud of how it turned out.) Dare I say it may have helped me get in the holiday spirit?!?! At least a little bit. This is my busiest time of year and I’m also…. really pregnant. But on Saturday I was perusing Target’s holiday collections online and I’m just so impressed with how they seem to up their game every year. Just like everyone else, they’re my go-to destination for inexpensive Christmas decor, and after sharing some pieces on Instagram, I found even more!!

Inexpensive Christmas Decor from Target 2023

inexpensive christmas decor from target studio mcgee magnolia hearth & hand

Wicker Tree Collar // Scalloped Card Holder // Brass Tree Collar

Pine Wreath // Tree Pillow // Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Scalloped Stocking // Floral Pillow // Striped Pillow

Plaid Tree Skirt // Tree Lumbar // Plaid Candle

I posted this wicker tree collar on Instagram over the weekend and I’m so glad you guys loved it too.  A lot of wicker pieces are too light or too dark, but this one? It’s just right. I thought this scalloped card holder was darling! I can never resist a scallop and it’s such a cute way to display one of my favorite holiday traditions: Christmas cards! After finding the wicker tree collar I saw this brass one and I just have a feeling that the way it shines with the Christmas lights would be absolutely magical.

If you prefer a more rustic wreath, I think this one is great. The camel velvet bow adds the perfect finishing touch. Simple, yet stunning! If there’s anything I learned in our grandmillennial style interior design project earlier this year,  it’s that pillows can make a BIG difference. I’m super impressed with the embroidery on this tree pillow for the price! Inexpensive Christmas decor can be hit or miss but details like really help. The magnolia leaves on this wreath are traditional and elegant, and I love them paired with the red velvet bow.

More scalloping!! I just love it. A quick trip to the embroiderer and these $15 stockings are ready for the holidays – high on my list of best Christmas decor on a budget. What stuck out to me about this pillow is how it isn’t…. too literal? The florals really elevates the typical inexpensive Christmas decor. Another pillow that does a great job about nodding to the theme without leaning in too much: this ticking stripe! It’s an absolutely classic pattern that in red definitely feels festive.

If you’re not a tree collar person (or can’t justify the storage space, ha), this plaid tree skirt caught my eye because it’s timeless, yet the enlarged pattern makes it modern too. One more pillow! This tree lumbar honestly belongs in a mountain home. Just pop it on the bed, and voila! Christmas spirit. Candles really help create a mood, and this spiced one – in a chic plaid vessel – sounds absolutely delicious.


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