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I want to start doing more of these kinds of posts every so often. Always reminds me of the good old days of blogging 😉


We taught our friends how to play Catan on New Year’s Eve and we already went back to their condo to play again this weekend. I think they’re hooked. It’s such a great “couples game” and makes for a really fun night if you’re into that kind of thing. A couple taught us how to play this summer and we’ve slowly but surely been teaching other people if they don’t already know. If you have friends who play, ask them to teach you!!! (The rulebook is like 20 pages long and very overwhelming if you’re trying to learn on your own.)

As we explained how to play this round, I was thinking about just how good the game really is. I think it’s one of the more brilliant games in that you HAVE to collaborate and help people while still maintaining your own strategy. It can be cutthroat (one game this summer ended in a giant fight a la this guy, lol) but it’s to everyone’s benefit to trade and help as best you can. It requires equal parts luck and strategy, which I appreciate because it keeps things fun and fair.

The couple that taught us how to play got married the next month and we got them this gorgeous custom game set as their wedding gift! Personally, I want to show up to the next game night with pink pieces 😂

Choc O Pain

As much as I LOVE the holiday season, it’s so nice now that it’s January and people have fewer plans. I’ve been able to see so much more of my friends in the past week than I had in the entire month of December. One of my go-to spots to chill by myself or to meet up with a friend is Choc O Pain. It’s a deliciously cozy French cafe in Hoboken with to-die-for pastries. I had a pretty gluttonous weekend (including a 2 am cheeseburger and fries 🤦🏻‍♀️ AFTER that cheeseboard shown above) and decided to double-down with an almond croissant while chatting with Carolyn Sunday morning.

Grand Vin

While the boys watched football, the girls and I went out to Grand Vin for a late lunch/early dinner. This is becoming one of my top five favorite Hoboken restaurants (Anthony David’s for nicer meals & Onieals for casual burgers are hands down my top two). It’s nice in the summer, too, but I think it’s extra charming when it’s cold out.


I’m very happy to report that I’m still going strong with my no-disposable coffee cup goal. This Yeti is one of the best things ever– it keeps blowing my mind with how HOT it keeps coffee. I know it’s built for that specific purpose, but sometimes it feels like pure magic.


After sharing half of the first step of the KonMari method this week, I finished my coats and dresses. I must have done a great job with my dresses when I switched my closet over last because nearly everything “sparked joy.” I was aggressive with my coat clean out because I know it’s my weakness and I have far too many coats to begin with. Look at all those extra hangers though!!!

It’s bringing me so much satisfaction to do this, especially at the beginning of the year. Feels like a fresh start.

5 Minute Journal

Okay. Remember when I tried journaling last year? I kept up with it through April but I had to stop. I was doing it nearly every day, but I found myself being very, very negative. I got in the habit of VENTING into the journal, which I think can be healthy but in my case felt unproductive. I pulled the plug when I realized that my negativity was spewing from the pages and permeating my life, yikes.

I gave up on the idea until this winter when I rediscovered this Five-Minute Journal. Someone gave it to me (I think it was from a brand PR box but I cannot for the life of me remember which one) and it sat in my nightstand for months– maybe even a year. (Again, I can’t remember). I pulled it out and read the intro and LOVED everything about it. Basically, it’s about setting intentions and reflecting on your day. You fill out one portion of the daily entry in the morning, first thing, and then the second portion at night before you go to bed. It’s a MUCH healthier and productive way to journal and it’s really working for me.

I feel so calm and motivated to start my day after I’ve set an intention and laid out a few things that will make it a good day. I. Love. It.


This sweet pup turned THREE YEARS OLD yesterday. He was a very challenging puppy, but man if he isn’t the sweetest, most cuddliest dog in the universe. There is something “different” about him, for sure. He is insanely athletic (when he wants to be) and sleeps under the covers with his head on a pillow like a human. Best feeling.


After dragging my feet quite a bit, I finally got started up again with BBG 2.0. (Here’s my review of BBG 1.0.) It’s not a workout for the faint of heart, sheesh, it is difficult. This time around I’m using the app and I’m also forcing myself to go to the gym versus doing it at home. The app is a totally different experience (same workout though) and I’m still getting used to it. I think I prefer it, mostly because of the timer and how it shows you the moves natively in the app. There’s a lot going on in the app though, so I have a feeling it’ll take me a few weeks before I find my groove navigating it.

Ina Garten

I tried to cook this on Monday night, but our market didn’t have any more salmon. I went to another store and didn’t think the salmon looked good enough (not a huge fan of farm-raised fish 🤷🏻‍♀️) so I came home feeling defeated. I went back yesterday though and had way better luck. I did this Ina Garten salmon recipe, these kale chips (LITERALLY THE BEST), roasted some carrots, and a little side of rice. It was super easy to make and took under an hour start to finish, but would have taken even less time had I not done the carrots because I ran out of room in my oven!

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We have a group of friends we play a lot of board games with and we generally agree that Catan is awful… Possibly because we have one super competitive friend who is super into Catan which kind of ruins the vibe :p If you are learning new friends how to play look up some play through videos! They’re usually a lot more fun to watch than going through the rule book.
ps. wardrobe clear-outs make great youtube videos (hint hint)


I like posts like this! Certainly reminds me of the older days of blogging. Nice to have a little more context/insight than just an IG story. Would like to see more!

Board and card games are an awesome wedding or housewarming present. Would be fun to see a review of other games. Perhaps a monthly series?!


Love these types of posts!! I also love using my Yeti cups, but I really like Hydroflask for tea/coffee! My husband will pour me some at 5am as he heads out for work, and it’s still hot when I open it up at 7:30!


Happy Birthday Ham!!!
Also, love your journal! I have something similar called “Question a Day.” It is awesome because it is a 5 year journal, so it has 5 spots to answer for each question I got it almost a year ago, so I am about to start re-answering questions, and look back at old answers to see how I have grown!!

xoxo Libby


I really enjoy these posts! The BBG picture of you is the cutest with Teddy licking your elbow!


Love, love, love this post, Carly! It’s so nice to see some real-life happenings. More, please!

Salmon is such a great weeknight dish. Check out How Sweet Eats – she has a bunch of quick and easy salmon recipes that have become go-tos for me.


Now that you love and enjoy Catan so much, try branching out to more board games! Catan is considered to be a “gateway” game to more complex games, and there’s so many fun options out there! To start, I would recommend 7 Wonders (which is a like a 20-minute version of Catan), King of Tokyo (fun dice game), and Coup (deduction card game). Don’t be overwhelmed by the rule books — look up videos on YouTube!


Second this. I recommend Carcassonne. It has a similar feel to Catan but it’s just a little more complex (= more fun)!


I read this before lunch and now I’m drooling over that cheeseboard! It looks amazing. Also, I highly recommend Sequence as an easy and low-key game to add to your game nights – you can play it with 2 or 3 people, or with a bunch of couples!

And thanks for sharing these kind of posts, it’s fun to see normal pics and a roundup of what’s been going on with you lately!


I’ve never hit purchase so quickly as I did when I saw those pink Catan pieces! I can’t wait to use them next game night!


Yes to more of these types of posts love it! Grand Vin looks positively divine —great iPhone snapshot.


Love these posts! My family loves board games. We play all summer at the cabin and then often in the winter as well. Just last weekend we got Catan because you keep talking about it– I LOVE it! You’re right, the rules are intense and we almost gave up, but watching a YouTube video helped immensely.

If you’re looking to change it up, we also love Ticket to Ride! It’s also one of those games where it’s equal luck and skill and can get quite competitive. My brother spent a whole weekend over Christmas studying/strategizing, ha!

Alyssa | Between Fox and Hare

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Love the good ol’ days of blogging and these iPhone snaps!! Moreee! ;D // That was such a thoughtful gift! I first learned Catan when I was staying with a host family over some winter break. We played it every man for themself haha // I got the same Yeti tumbler a few years ago, but it’s all stainless. Over winter break I nicked a small KeepCup from my dad because he bought a ton during a business trip in Australia during the second half of 2018 😛 // Aww happy belated birthday to Ham! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s