It’s ALWAYS the Hair

It’s always the hair. Sometimes I feel like my life revolves around dealing with my hair. How much time it takes to get ready in the morning… when to work out– or rather why I don’t… why I dislike swimming… why I spend ten minutes making sure every hair is inside a shower cap before hopping in… why a drop of rain will keep me from going outside… etc. I mean, my hair is temperamental.
I was a bald baby for a while. Then it turned curly. My mom decided to give me bangs in kindergarden school (horrible) and at one point, my hair was cut into a short bob that miraculously didn’t have an ounce of curl. Eventually, it was somewhere between frizzy curls and fat waves where it stayed for a solid period of time. Now it’s lost a lot of curl and it’s just… wild.
Basically, my hair is always a source of annoyance.
And the grey hair? It’s getting really grey. I have moved my part over half an inch to hide the patch of grey that has seemingly multiplied in the past six months… but I’m noticing that my hairline above my ears is coming in grey too. The patch can (sort of, in the right lighting) look chic, but the thing around my hairline? Not my favorite.
I’m probably going to have to start dying my hair a little bit. I don’t like the idea of it, but at the same time I’m kind of thinking that if I do it, I’m going to really do it. (Although, in full disclosure, there’s a very, very slim chance I’ll ever gain the confidence to actually go through with it.)
DARK OMBRE. I’ve been seeing this everywhere on Pinterest. And I know the ombre trend has been around for a while, but it’s finally starting to appeal to me. And I love how much more subtle the ombre is getting. With really dark hair, I think I’m kind of in love with the look below:
Perfect for upcoming warmer months and summer adventures! Plus, if I end up not liking it or getting bored after a while, I can always cut my hair… right?
Have you ever dyed your hair– loved it, regretted it? What do you think about the dark ombre look?
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I love ombre for the warmer months! Just be careful, because it usually involves bleaching (part of) your hair and for me it was just too damaging to do again.

Also I TOTALLY relate how I have to schedule my life around my hair.

AJ |

Caley Beacham

I had the ombre look for a while and liked it momentarily. But the biggest downside is that you HAVE to do your hair or it just looks sloppy and dirty… And occasionally downright trashy because it's just sitting there. But when done right and styled correctly, it looks great! It just depends on the amount of time you want to spend doing your hair… As usual. Haha.

Emma Sheehy

I ombred my hair a few years ago an I loved it! It adds so much interest to brunette hair. The second time I did it though, I was a bit too blonde, but I love the dark ombre and might even go for it too!


I was totally grey by the time I was 18 (literally, one day I spotted a few greys and within 6 months, 75% of my hair was coming in grey). Now I'm almost 25 and I have to dye my hair every 4-6 weeks and it is a PAIN IN THE BUTT! Hold off as long as you possibly can!


I love the dark ombre! I have it now, and it took forever for it to appeal to me too. I love it because it's more subtle than regular ombre, which I prefer since regular ombre tends to look a little orange/discolored. Definitely recommend it!



I'm a fan of ombre – I get it naturally each year after summers in the sunshine when my hair goes really blonde and then each winter the dark blonde comes through, people don't believe that it's natural! I think you should try it; you only have to dye the ends of your hair so it will take less time to grow out if you don't like it!
Charlotte x
La Vie en Gâteaux


I've never dyed my hair, but I have heard that it can be great you just need to make sure you find the right dye. My mom had some issue with dye 8 years ago that has really effected her hair; however she did find a brand that worked well for her! She uses Redken!

Prep on a Budget

Sylvia Dennis

Ombre is quite nice but be careful one of my friend found it beautiful with curly hair but it looked quite strange when she had straight hair .. I think it takes so much looking after and I tend to get a bit lazy because just like you my hair is a big issue 🙂 I have had the same colour for 5 years (I know I started colouring my hair really young) I have the Luo color 6.24 from Loreal it is really natural and quite nice and done at the hairdresser not in a box (always scared I would do it wrong) Hope you find something you like 🙂

xo S.

The Conservative Prep

Love the ombré!! Before I swim to exercise or just lounge, I always get my hair wet with clean water first and then put conditioner in to protect my hair from the chlorine.

Catherine Hrbac

When I was a freshman my sister convinced me to bleach my hair blonde. I have really deep brown hair and it turned orange! I looked like a clown, so I took the opportunity to dye it deep red which looked cool. I stopped dying it a year ago and now the bleached tips made it ombre which looks amazing. I'm definitely going to keep up with the ombre coloring, no regrets!


I love that color in the photo! I am not a huge fan of the idea of hair color either (I've never had the desire to stray from my natural color and the maintenance and money seems like a lot). However, if I started noticing a good bit of grey now, at 25, I would consider coloring it too. If you're a fan of the photo you just posted, I think you should look for pictures of Rachel Bilson. I feel like she has always stayed in that color range and would have great hair-spiration! Looking forward to seeing what you decide 🙂


I've worn copper highlights a year… but I then returned to my natural color xD I like it too much!
but I would definitely try something if my hair turn gray…

Carrie Dean

I'm pretty sure we are hair twins… I've been dying my hair for about 2 years now due to greys, it's annoying but so worth it. I currently have an accidental ombré. My hair is very long and as it grows the color fades and I actually like the lighter brown better. My stylist suggested just leaving the bottom half of my hair and continuing to dye the roots my natural dark brown color. I love it!

Kate Mitchell

Both my mom and her sister had to start dying their hair around your age. I'm crossing my fingers that I can hold off a few more years!


I love that look, I would do it if my hair was longer. One of my biggest problems is that I always cut my hair when I get bored. I don't do the normal dying of the hair to change your look, nope…I cut it and then regret it for MONTHS (years actually).


I love that photo, so pretty! I actually have ombre hair, I dyed it 2 years ago, and I get compliments on it all the time! Plus I love that it's super easy to maintain. I haven't touched the color since I first dyed it, and it's grown out very very well. And I honestly disagree with some of the people above – I don't find that I have to do my hair for it to look good, since the ombre makes it interesting/polished no matter what, and it looks great straight OR curly! I would definitely recommend it – It's a fun change that's not too drastic, and easy to fix if you don't like it or get bored of it. I will say that you should bring in specific photos of the type of ombre you want so that your hairstylist knows exactly how light/dark you want to go!


I have light brown, fairly straight hair, and I contemplated getting ombre for awhile. When I went into my hairdresser, she basically told me no! She knows I don't like a lot of upkeep – and I do think I would have to style my hair for it to look great.

I would definitely talk with a hairdresser you trust – they will really be able to give the best advice.


I was a bald baby until I was two! Then I sprouted lots of hair and also got a horrific bob that clashed terribly with my round, chubby face.

I like the dark ombre! Just make sure it's subtle so you don't look too trendy.

Hannah B. Slaughter

Love the dark ombre look! I have dyed my hair with both fabulous and terrifying results (Lucille Ball & stoplight red have both happened), but just remember, you can always change it.

In the words of my mother, "Change your hair; change your life!"

Laura Marie Meyers

Love love the dark ombre style! A friend of mine was very anti-dye, and she did dark ombre and swears she'll keep the look long after it's off the Pinterest boards 😉


I love the dark ombre idea! It looks great. I lighten my hair and I've found that immediately after doing so my hair is dry but it normally recovers in a few weeks. And means I don't have to wash as often! The Total Repair hair mask from Loreal is AMAZING and really helps moisturize and de-frizz post lightening.

emily rose

Love the dark ombre! I go to UES Bumble & Bumble (more like midtown but they refer to it as the UES). They do a fantastic job on color and I would def recommend.


I've had my hair every color you can imagine and I love dying it! My opinion is that hair always grows back so don't worry about trying new things you could love it and if you don't it'll grow! 🙂


I used to feel the same way but once you dye… you don't go back. I try all kinds of different shades of blonde and brown now. It's so fun! And I was originally a classic brunette 🙂

Scalloped and Bows

I have the same sounding hair: it was curly as a child, went poker straight, cut it and it went all white-girl Afro on me, and has remained this frizzy, curly when it wants to be, wavy at other times mess of a thing.

I've been seeing the same lady forever, and I hate it. I've brought pictures of the cut/colour I've wanted, and it's never turned out. I've been trying to get back to my natural colour for a few months, but it's not working out. My advice would be to dye the grey the same colour as your hair, and not try anything funky with it. I know people say it's only hair, but I've been in tears more times because of failed hair experiments. Stay natural, it always looks best.



I dyed my hair many times when I was in my 20's, 30's and 40's. Truthfully, I got sick of touch-ups every 5 to 6 weeks. I let it go natural which is light brown and silver and I love it. You are kind of young for the grays. Have fun. Do color and the ombre looks like it would be a good choice for you!


I have naturally light brown hair and have been dying it blonde since I was 14 and I don't regret it for a second. The upkeep can be annoying sometimes (and expensive), but I am guaranteed to have "me" time at least once every six weeks when I go to get my roots done.

Also, if you don't have one, I HIGHLY recommend getting a CHI flat iron. This flat iron has changed my life. Seriously. It makes your hair super shiny and silky and since I only wash my hair about once per week, it keeps it looking nice all week long. Plus, it's really easy to curl your hair with one.


the biggest thing is making sure your colorist is GOOD. I love the look of the ombre, but I honestly like it better when it comes in natural. It's hard to make the look from scratch. Your hair seems like it would hold up well with coloring. Do not use permanent hair color, or a semi or demi. I am getting the grey hair too, mostly in my temple region, which is TERRIBLE. good luck!! <3 <3

Katie McC

OMG, we are basically the same person in dealing with the pesky grey hairs. I'm just a few months younger than yo and in the past year, year in a half, they seemed to have multiplied. I first noticed them maybe 2 years ago but it was such a small amount I just forgot about them, then fast forward 6 months and they seem to have sprouted from no where. My dad grey'd very very young, but I'm like hey…I'm a girl, I CANNOT grey early. That is just not possible. But my younger sister and I both have them. :/. I'm lucky enough that my hair is lighter (reddish auburn) than her dark brown but it still is very apparent when I wear pony tails or part my hair in a specific way. I've had to change up my part a little to! I go to the bathroom at work and realize you can totally see random flyaways because my hair part decided to part right in the sea of grey hairs. The older ladies at work told me not to pull/pluck them but I find that is just not feasible. If they are long enough and I can pull them… they come out. And I do not want to have to dye my hair, especially just to cover up a few grey patches. It seems like to much work. Have you heard about people who "paint" makeup on their roots to touch them up inbetween colors. I might have to retreat to this if it get's any worse, especially the random ones that are right in the middle of my forehead! Not good. I also have the same problem areas, right where I part my hair and a little above my ears. They also seem to be more noticeable when my hair is dirty and does not have as much bounce than when it's freshly washed and the body seems to hide them a little better but still not good. I just want them gone! I've even asked people if hair dressers will dye individual strands of hair but they just look at me like I am ridiculous. Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

Portuguese Prepster

I have gray hair too…my Dad went gray young which is where I get it from. I try to part my hair to hide it but you like you I think I'm going to have to start doing something about it soon. I really love the ombre look, it's actually very similair to how my hair naturally looks during the Summer. I've heard the the Bumble and Bumble salon downtown does a great job with color and cuts!


I think the dark ombre would look beautiful on you!

I too have naturally curly hair struggle with it every. day. of. my. life. It totally has a mind of its own and taming it is a chore. I will NEVER know what it's like to have perfect hair after taking a dip in the pool, lake or ocean. 🙂

xo Liz
Pretty Sweet Life

Emma Cullen

I dye my hair all the time (and have been since I was about 10). I would say go for something kinda subtle actually. Dying your hair is a pain in the butt, especially when your roots come in. It takes so much time, energy, and money to maintain. I wouldnt have dyed my hair as much if I wouldve know this. That being said, it is fun to change it up, but basically I have to now be willing to dye my hair every few months, or it looks awful.

I also just got rid of ombre hair. It was super great for the first month. But then it got boring, and just started to look really bad. I wouldnt recommend it.


I know hair is a very personal thing for people, especially women! But I do think that even if your hair is not exactly what you want it to be, you should be grateful that you have "wild" hair to work with. My sister has a condition where she does not have any hair and has to wear wigs. I think she'd be happy to have your hair issues if it meant having her own hair!


I did the whole dark ombre thing last summer and I loved it! It definitely was a fun change after having DARK brown hair my entire life. Then in fall when I got a bit tired of it I just dyed the bottom a shade darker and it was perfect. Just know that split ends are going to occur a lot faster because your hair will need a lot of bleach. I would say do it though. It is so easy to go back if you don't like it! (You will though.)

The City's Prep

I have wanted to ombre my hair for a while now, but I'm just afraid because its soo damaging for your hair and my hair gets so damaged so easily. If you have curly hair this will look great!

Andrea Ruiz

Hi Carly, my advise to you is not do dye your hair from the root! It's going to be a nightmare afterwards and you'll turn into a hair perfectionist that will dye her hair every two weeks to not have any grey left. And about the ombre, my biggest problem with my hair are the split ends, and if you bleach it it's going to get much worse, that's why I never even considered the ombre. I really love your all black hair, it really suits you. If you have greys, then rock it that way!
Andy from Savor each bite


Try Touch of Gray! It can reduce the gray hairs and just like ^^ she said dying at the root you'll always have so many problems. Even try like the color hair fibers thing from Sephora or Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo that is colored.

Maddie Grace

My hair has a natural ombré from just being outside all the time, and I really don't like it. It looks unhealthy and much thinner on the ends than it actually is. I'd say avoid the ombré.



It’s always the hair.

In light of yesterday’s post (thank you to those who defended their own views), today is about the fun side of hair.

You know me, I’m constantly battling my own locks.  Over the weekend, I read this post on Joy’s Hope (great blog, btw) and was quite intrigued by the “no heat curls.”  After reading, I promptly jumped in the shower to wash my hair.

My hair is crazy, so I had to take a leap of faith when deciding how to actually attempt the process.  I decided having 100% dry hair, but un-straightened was the best approach.  (When I straighten my hair, it acts like straight hair and refuses to hold a curl… unless, of course, it rains.)
I watched the video a few times to make sure that I wasn’t going to mess up.  It’s much easier than the “sock bun” method, in my opinion (and works a LOT better too).  So I twisted my hair around the headband as outlined.
Unlike, the video, I did not sleep on it.  My hair, as previously mentioned, is crazy.  I kept it in my hair for a little over an hour.  (I loved having my hair tightly off my neck and shoulders and face while I did some reading for class.)
I took out the headband and voilà!

This was only after an hour, and I loved how it smoothed my hair out without using a flat iron AND it had tons of body.  I’m tempted to try experiment with the process (e.g. sleep on it, straighten my hair first, use hair spray, etc.).
Has anyone else given it a whirl?

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Ahhhh my hair is the same way. Must. TRY. PS you're so beautiful! (not trying to be creepy haha)


I saw this on Pinterest. My hair is too short to do it, but when it grows out I'll definitely do it! My sister does it all the time and her hair turns out REALLY curly.

Your hair looks so cute like that!


Any opinions on what the best type of headband to use for this is or does it not really matter as long as it's one of the elastic ones?


That looks great! I have the same hair type as you, and I'm wondering how you got more of a wave than the girl in the video. I have pin curls everyday and I would love that smooth wave you got out of it.

Emma Lee

Could you describe how to do this? The video now has a rental fee (???) and my hair misbehaves all the time too