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1.  I don’t sleep with a pillow.  I haven’t since I was little.  All my friends thought I was crazy when I would have sleepovers.  It’s also a little disappointing because my pillows in my dorm are so cute (pink and monogrammed, of course)!  
2.  I’m a coxswain (the small person who yells and steers) for freshmen heavyweight rowing team at Georgetown.  My best friend in high school started rowing our freshmen year and persuaded me to try it out at the Learn to Row camp that summer.  I had tried every sport before (No, like literally!) but I never found one I really enjoyed.  I fell in love with the sport.  After rowing my sophomore year, I decided to switch to coxing due to my size and lack of athletic talent.  I love it so much and can’t imagine my life without it.  I cox for boys, which is always, um… interesting.  (Check out my Lilly oar from my first post!)
3.  I am afraid of ketchup.  I can’t even look at at a bottle of it without gagging.  I’ve gotten a lot better about it and can somewhat tolerate having it on the table.  One of my rowers put a spot of it on my arm as a joke and I nearly cried; I swear I could feel it on my skin even after scrubbing at it.
4.  I’m practically addicted to Purell.  I have a huge bottle on my desk.  One in my purse, one in my school bag, and an “emergency” one in my clutch.  I know I may be causing the “super germ” but I really can’t help it!  
5.  I love my Blackberry.  If always have it with me and check it obsessively.  I couldn’t live without my Facebook application and application.  I look at the weather every five minutes it seems like!
6.  I LOVE reading.  But not boring school stuff.  My favorite author, hands down, is Jodi Picoult.  I could read her novels everyday.  I’m always sad when I read the last page.  Sometimes I have to slow down reading to make it last longer!  Her new book is coming out March 3 and I can’t wait!!! My last midterm is the 5th though so I’ll have to wait to start reading it until then.
7.  I like watching movies a lot.  I like a bunch of different ones.  I hate stupid humor ones though, like I absolutely can’t stand them.  Disney movies are fantastic though.  I don’t think I’ll ever be too old!  I also like Indie films… Slumdog Millionaire was PHENOMENAL.  I would rather rent a movie and watch it at home than go to the movie theater though.  I hate thinking about the germs in the chairs.. yuck.  But I also don’t have a problem going to the movies alone.  My friends tease me about this and think it’s weird, but it’s relaxing to go alone.

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Belle- Pink Cupcake

I love your blog I am a rower also and I would kill to be a boys coxswain, the boys on my team are adorable! I have so much respect for my cox because there is so much drama in my boat and she keeps us in check while doing everything else, I could never do it!


I’ve never slept on a pillow…still have my original goose feather pillow which has been moved to more houses I can even remember…I do always have to have it on the top where I can touch it with my fingers..just to know it is still there. Crazy huh???

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