[in YOUR humble opinion]
I’d love your opinions, reviews, horror stories, etc. on a few things that I want to buy.
I really want to get a coffee maker and I’m leaning towards a Keurig.  Suggestions on size or versions?  Or other coffee makers that are better.
I really want a drawing tablet for my computer.  I’ve read some reviews online and gotten feedback from in-store employees at various places… but I’d like to hear from seasoned pros 🙂

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For keurig, you can go with pretty much any model but you get what you pay for. The nicer ones will serve you longer in the long run. I'd definitely buy the filter attachment that allows you to use your own grounds too because not all brands of kcups are that great and this way you can get Starbucks beansor others from your favorite coffee shop!

I have a bamboo tablet and I absolutely love it!

little miss southern love.

I LOVE my keurig. I cannot live without it. My mom got me the largest size for Christmas as our entire family shares it. The variety of coffee and teas that you can buy is excellent. I do also recommend the attachment so that you can brew your own coffee that does not come in a K-cup. I love how I can turn it on, take my dog out in the morning, come back and it's all heated up ready to go! Plus- the Lilly mugs fit perfectly underneath (starbucks do not!) Hope this helps.


Little Miss Southern Love


My family has the Keurig Platinumand I have the Keurig Special Edition. I love Keurigs! The coffees they have in k cups are pretty good and they also have teas. You can also get a k cup filter and brew your own coffee. Starbucks is supposed to be making k cups this fall/winter last I heard.


I have a simple 4-cup Mr. Coffee, and I love it. It was only $20, and it's definitely much more affordable per cup with ground beans than a Keurig will be.


Go with a Keurig! It is amazing. I have one at my house and I actually took an older one with me to college. It has been working for at least 7 years and still running strong. I love it! Don't get the smallest, single serving one. You will just have to keep filling up the water all the time. Get a larger, nicer one and I asure you, you will love it 🙂

Petals and Pearls

Keurig Platinum is worth every single penny! Hello espresso and being able to choose the right size and temperature! I actually ordered mine off of because it came with samples of coffee and all kinds of extras forfree. I was nervous about spending the money but I use it so much it is well worth it!


Unpopular opinion time: My boyfriend and his family have been using Keurigs for a couple of years, and they've already gone through four(?) actual machines and tried a couple of different models. Apparently even the high-end ones break down rather easily.

Personally, I'm a fan of coffee presses. They're super compact, they don't require filters or anything, and they can make as few as one or as many as eight cups at a time. You can just pick them up at Starbucks.


Keurig is definitely the way to go!! The K-cup feature satisfies a multitude of coffee cravings and the machine itself is easy to clean, extremely portable and perfect for the dorm/apartment. I bought my Keurig Platinum for my dorm and absolutely love it…the most difficult part is always narrowing down my K-cup selection!

Madison M.

If you're a major & dedicated coffee lover, the Keurig would be the way to go. It's a commitment though, considering they are pretty expensive, as are the K-cups to go with it. My boyfriend and his family have a big one and a smaller one for travel, and they can't live without it! They also have teas available in K-cups which is nice.

I was considering getting one, but after assessing the price of the machine itself with the price of the special cups, I decided I'd stick with an old-school Mr. Coffee. I think this decision really depends on how much you think you'd use it!


Nespresso Pixie… they are cute and come in a variety of colors. They cost more than the Keurig but it's comparable to Italian coffee and expresso. It is the same kind of concept at the Keurig with the Pods. You should really check them out. You can go to Sur La Table or William's Sonoma and test one out! If you like good coffee you will love the Nespresso!!!

Little Miss SEC

My family has a Keurig and I'm going to be missing it next year. The Keurig gets the job done quickly, quietly, and easily for me; I'm especially fond of Newman's Own Organics cups. However, if I was shopping for myself, I probably wouldn't go for one, since it's relatively expensive and I'm not huge on coffee anyway. For me, something basic would do, but my mom, who LOVES coffee, loves the Keurig.


I've been using my Wacom Intuos 3 for 6 years. I don't use it often anymore, but it still works like new. I have it in 'small' which took some getting used to- "Don't look down, look at the screen!"


I have the Keurig one cup and I'm obsessed! It's so quick and easy. I can quickly make a cup of coffee while I'm packing my lunch in the morning before school and have it ready to go by the time I'm leaving for school. It's great!

Tarheel Prep

For ease of use/convenience, Keurig is awesome. My husband got me a different brand single-use machine (Senseo, maybe?), and it's so messy taking the pods in and out that I stopped using it. We use a Keurig @ work, and it's clean, fast, and easy. Downsides: it's also pricey (starting out + per cup), VERY loud (LOUDDD!), and obviously doesn't have quite as much flexibility as a regular 12-cup machine. In my opinion, though, the pros outweigh the cons. (You can always have a $20 12-cup machine stuck in a cabinet in case you host a random brunch or something.) That said, if taste (and not time) is at the top of your priority list, give a french press a shot… it outranks the other options by leaps + bounds. Good luck!


I love my Keurig — I actually got it from CostCo about 2 months ago, so I'm a pretty new owner. (it's SUCH a good deal from CostCo if you're a member — includes one of the refillable KCup deals and about 80 sample KCups). I've been using it every day so far and love it — it's great for iced or hot coffee.

I do also recommend getting an Aerolatte-type thing from Williams Sonoma if you like drinking lattes. It's pretty cheap and froths milk perfectly for coffee. Add a bit of flavored syrup and it's as good as Starbucks!


Keurig all the way! My roommate and I are both in law school and it is perfect for us. We have the single cup version. It is compact and fits easy in our tiny kitchen. Nothing is very wasted. There are so many flavors you can get. Vanilla Toffee is my favorite. I also love drinking hot tea before bed.


keurig is yummy, but nespresso machines make more intense coffee and come in lots of different strengths and flavors! they're also smaller.


I might be late to this, but I *love* my Keurig! I have the Keurig mini, and it's the best. It's the only one that has a filter you can buy separate (it's not expensive) so you can use your own coffee! I haven't had to buy any of the little cups in over 3 months – I've just been using my own coffee! I don't know what I did without it, it's the best!


+1 for the Keurig. I love mine, I keep it in my office and have a cup or two every morning when I come in! Now I'm anxious to hear if anyone has drawing tablet recs 🙂


the keurigs are really nice! my roommate and i had one in our dorm room and i also had one in my sorority house. i think it's really handy if you're essentially only making coffee for yourself. i've used both the k cups and the grounds attachment – i preferred the grounds attachment because i like a particular brand of coffee. i also like that the keurigs are really sleek and clean – its nice not to have to clean out a pot, etc. like with traditional coffee makers!

Dominique Sessa

Bamboo tablet all the way!

I have the "Bamboo Pen & Touch" for $100, and it does so well with my graphic editing, photography editing and the occasionally boredom filled doodle heehe. The pen also gives you the ability to erase (how awesome and helpful!), which when in the middle of intensive designing, is really a life-saver.

It also comes with Adobe P-Shop Elements for free when you purchase it! I've never used Elements myself personally, but seeing as that's around $120 dollars, it's a pretty sweet deal. It's also compatible with MAC and PC both, so you could always switch it from your MAC to your PC without the hassle of needing to be a different tablet.


One of my friends has the keurig– We both think its great. (She can make me a chai tea latte in only a couple of seconds!)

If your thinking about prices, my Mom has a coffee maker, but a couple of years ago bought a french press from Starbucks. Granted, you have to do a little work. (aka boil water, and put in how much coffee you want) I personally really like it though. Sometimes it kind of grosses me out that you can't easily deep clean and coffee maker. The french press can be cleaned extremely easily.

Hope this helps!