J. Crew Funnelneck Pullover

I have to admit that since purchasing this funnelneck sweatshirt, I’ve run into a problem where it’s the only thing I want to wear. Every morning when I open my closet to paw through my clothes for a comfy but cute outfit (if I’m in the mood to do something other than yoga pants, of course). It has the benefit of wearing a sweatshirt– oversized and boxy– but it’s still super cute.

It’s been such a “win” for a pandemic purchase that I’m considering buying the red too so I can rotate through the two and look less like I’m wearing the same thing every day.

(Updated note: it’s down to $16 right now!)

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m dreaming of wearing this pullover on the beach at some point. Hoping we’re able to this summer, but if not whenever it’s a possibility. Over bathing suits, with white jeans, layered under a rain jacket or over a button down (like the model). It’s somehow just as cute with sandals and white jeans as it is with yoga pants and sneaks.

I bought the white on white Tretorns BC. They’re so comfortable. I’m not wearing shoes too often– pretty much just when I’m walking the dogs, but 9 times out of 10 I’m reaching for a sneaker of some sort!


Funnelneck Pullover (on sale!) // Jeans // Sneakers (on sale!)

Anything in your closet that you’ve had or recently purchased that you’re reaching for day after day?


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I love that sweatshirt too! Instead of the blue stripe (like all my others lol) I bought the “red”. It’s really more orange than red but it looks like summer!


I just saw someone’s comment about the price! I HAD to order the blue one now too!


So cute! I had seen you wear this & finally decided I needed it. Went to site & got it for $16 today! It was on sale for $22 plus 30% off! If you want to share with your followers. Have a good Tuesday!

Paisleigh Telford

Omigosh! Can’t believe your shoes are only $45 right now! Clicked on the post with interest in the pullover, but totally snagging the shoes now


It’s so funny that you should post this today, since my funnel neck arrived yesterday and I’m wearing it for the first time this morning! This will be in HEAVY rotation both during and after quarantine life. It’s perfect. 💙


Is it 3/4 length sleeves or do you just have them rolled up? It’s super cute!!


The sleeves are SUPER boxy so I rolled them to give them a little more shape! But they’re full length unrolled!


Just ordered this and got 30% off! Thank you for posting this. I can’t wait to get it!

amanda vogel

I am on my 4th day in a row wearing the jcrew cashmere hoodie lol. It’s the only thing I want to wear right now!


The one thing I’m reaching for again and again is actually a pair of marled cotton socks from the Gap. Working from home, my feet get too cold when they’re bare or in thin socks, but too warm when I’m wearing slippers. The marled cotton socks are just the right thickness to keep my feet warm, but not hot. Unfortunately I bought them at Christmas so they’re no longer selling them, but I did find a couple of pairs at J.Crew recently.

Sydney Paulsen

Ahhh, thank you for sharing the new price, Carly! I just bought both colors!


Just ordered! I had this in my cart all day yesterday and I’m so glad that I waited until today. Can’t wait to wear it! Thanks for the reminder 🙂


Just bought the sneakers and the top in red since they were out of my size in the blue!


Love and just ordered! Bonus – I had a $15 coupon code…with the 30% off I only paid $1.06!!! True story!

Elle Brooks

This is so cute! I have been constantly wearing my Lululemon Ready to Rulu pants – they’re SOOO comfy! They’re like a “nicer looking” jogger and are honestly my go to during all of this!


Wearing the J Crew factory version from 2 years ago today, just ordered the red!


I have been watching this pullover for days but I just didn’t buy it for whatever reason. Then, I see that they dropped the price to $22 with an extra 30% discount. How could I not buy it, especially since you’ve talked about it twice in the last week? 🙂 I immediately put it the cart, along with their gold detailed Saturday sneakers, which are also on sale today.


I’ve been living in my JCrew Polartec quarter zip fleece even though it’s April! Coziest thing I’ve ever owned. So much so that I got the ivory one on sale a few weeks back and saving that for the winter!