This may be the most favorite dress I’ve ever shared. I am obsessed with it. This is peak J. Crew. It feels timeless and classic J. Crew. Don’t you feel like you could see this on the cover of an old school J. Crew catalog?! Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe it.

It’s the perfect summer soiree dress! I picked it out for a sponsored post I was doing with J. Crew on Instagram, and of course I love it so much I had to share it on here. (And make one of the pictures my new profile picture 🤣.) I think I’ve explained this before, a lot of times when I’m doing a campaign with a brand, I pick out the pieces from some kind of PDF. It’s a little risky because the pictures are smaller, you don’t see it on a model, and you have to hope that everything a) fits and b) goes together when it shows up! I usually end up playing it safe and choosing things that I know for sure will work… this dress was an exception.

It looked beautiful on the PDF and it’s even better in person. It’s taffeta, which gives it this beautiful full skirt. It flows while still having a lot of body. The back laces up and there’s elastic at the waist so it really gives you this custom fit. (I did go with the larger of the two sizes I normally wear at J. Crew for my chest…. if you’re smaller chested, I think you could do your typical size and if you have a larger chest or wider rib cabe, I would go up if you’re in between.)

The print is absolutely stunning, too. Bright and playful!

That back detail!!!!

I had to take a picture showing you how this skirt moves. This dress was made to spin around a dance floor.

Dress // Headband // Shoes

* All items c/o J. Crew!


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This dress is really cute. It has a little bit of a retro vibe and is super fun for the summer!

Patty Hardee

How do you possibly get this dress all tied up in the back if you live alone??