J. Crew x New Balance

I’ve been keeping up with my fitness goals this year. It’s weird, but now that I’m in a good routine, it’s hard to imagine how I was functioning without consistent workouts. Not only do you have immediate gratification from going to work out (hello endorphins!), you also get long term satisfaction from discovering your body getting stronger and stronger. I have these moments where I catch myself in the mirror while lifting weights and think, “Wow, I am strong.”

Now, I’m pretty good about getting out the door for classes, but sometimes I need a little motivation, like super cute and comfortable outfits. The J. Crew x New Balance collection has been a favorite of mine. They mix and match well, so I can put together the best looks for whatever I’m doing. (I like different fits for yoga versus weightlifting versus cardio.) You can imagine my excitement when J. Crew asked me to partner on a post sharing some of the latest collection.

J. Crew New Balance Pink

I can’t get enough of this all pink look, right down to the cutest sneaks.

J. Crew Workout Clothes

This tank is perfect for my yoga classes, and it layers so well over a sports bra. Oh and I can’t do yoga classes without really comfortable pants that I can move a million directions in… this striped pair fits the bill. (I’ve had the navy pair for a few months and love the pink just as much now.)

Pink Striped Yoga Pants Workout in Central Park Pink New Balance Sneakers

Another great motivating factor for me is getting my friends to sign up for classes with me. It holds me accountable, and we bribe ourselves with brunch or smoothies afterward. You know, balance! We typically go straight from the gym to brunch, so I love this next look for looking presentable post-workout.


J. Crew New Balance Navy Sneakers

The navy sneakers are just as cute as the pink pair– I know I’ll be able to wear them beyond just working out too which is always a bonus.

J Crew New Balance Collection

Of everything, I think this striped crop top is my favorite. It has a little bit more coverage than a typical sports bra, but the best support you need. I’m not normally one to skip a shirt in class. However with the high-waisted green tights, I think I would. Just enough skin and the right amount of coverage.

Striped Crop Top Workout

I’d never go to brunch in a crop top, so adding a pullover is a necessary touch. It’s also perfect for warming up and cooling down.

Athleisure Outfit

J. Crew New Balance

J Crew New Balance Fitness

Athleisure Outfit Inspiration

Photos by Bekka Palmer

Outfit #1: Free Flow Tank Top in Warm Pink (c/o) // Performance Scoop Neck Sports Bra (c/o) // Performance Capri Leggins in Stripe  (c/o) // 711 Mesh Sneakers in Confetti (c/o)

Outfit #2: In-Transit Pullover (c/o) // Performance Crop Top in Stripe // High-Waisted Performance Crop Leggings // 711 Mesh Sneakers in Navy (c/o)

Anyone else feeling motivated to sign up for spin or yoga now?! I think I’m ready for a two-a-day now.

Thank you J. Crew for sponsoring this post!

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Amy Schwartz

Carly! You look AMAZING in that crop top! Definitely motivating me to do abs day tomorrow, and to go buy that second outfit. Way to keep up those workout goals!

Jess Zimlich

I just ordered the pink tennis shoes a few days ago and now I’m even more excited to get them because they look so cute on you! I’ve been keeping up with my HIIT classes and like you mentioned, it’s so encouraging to see my body transforming, not to mention the things it does for my mental state. 🙂 Get it girrrl!


Do the shoes fit TTS? I’ve been looking at getting them for a bit but the reviews online are so mixed, ugh! Are the tights opaque enough to squat in? The light ones definitely scare me, ha! Hate feeling self conscious at the gym. 🙈


I wasn’t sure either. I ended up getting my actual size (7) and they felt a little bit snug when I put them on, but then I adjusted the tongue/laces and they were perfect. I think I’d be exactly in between a 7 and a 7 1/2.


They’re REALLY thick, in a luxurious way… but that also means they aren’t see-through AT ALL!


I scored a few pieces during J Crews last sale. I love the fit and quality but was slightly disappointed that the polka dotted shirt and pants weren’t the same color/pattern. I was looking forward to an all polka dotted moment. Keep up with your fitness goals you look great girl!


You look FANTASTIC in these outfits Carly! Definitely some of the most fun workout gear I’ve seen lately. So glad you have gotten so excited about exercising, its really inspiring. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to more workout related posts! xo


Great post! Can you talk a little about the fit of the clothes- are they TTS, etc? I tried on a bunch of the stuff a few months ago and was disappointed that it all fit me terribly and was not flattering. Thanks!


Yes– I think they run true to size for workout clothes. I typically wear small in yoga pants, medium sports bra, and XS tanks/shirts/pullovers. I ended up getting an small in the crop top, but other than that, everything else was my TTS in workout gear!

Mackenzie Praytor

I am LOVING all of your posts lately!! You look amazing in all of these, and I’ve loved following your fitness journey. I’ve never been particularly athletic, but I got into group fitness classes around the same time you started talking about it on the blog and it’s been super fun to hear your commentary on it. Keep up the good work – we are all cheering you on in 2017!


You look radiant Carly! It’s amazing what working out can do for your energy levels. Would love to read more posts about your workout routine at the moment. I’ve been doing weights/barre/yoga for a while now and am feeling a bit flat. Am keen for some new workout inspiration!


Carly, you look amazing!

Just wondering did you move back to NYC? Loved this post and the beautiful location.


I didn’t! I was on a deadline for the photos and my CT photographer was out of town so I went to NYC to work with my fave photographer there!

Caroline Biggs

What size are you in the crop top? I have a large bust and small rib cage also so I will probably size similar 🙂


Are the sports bras enough support for running/high impact workouts? I am a 32DD and even doubling up coverage I am struggling to find a sports bra that stops “bouncing.” Any recommendations?


You really do look amazing and so strong!! Thanks for continuing to share your fitness journey with us – it’s inspiring to see that it’s never too late to start 🙂


These outfits are amazing! I’ve been eyeing the collection for a while now – I think it’s time to bite the bullet! Great job with staying on track with all your fitness goals, you look incredible. Thanks for the inspo!


Great job on sticking to your goals! I was doing great with my workouts until Thanksgiving and fell off track…hoping to get back into it this month.

And I absolutely love the second outfit, especially the striped crop top!


Carly, you look AMAZING! Would love to hear more about your fitness routine & what you’re eating too!


Just wanted to say that its sad I can recognize where you are grabbing that juice since its next to my favorite Little Beet. Ah, Little Beet – my one true love.

Laura Stanton

I absolutely love the pink outfit! I think that finding an outfit that you love and feel good in is one of the best motivations to workout!

Jen Kessler

Those pink striped pants are definitely calling my name! Since I have 2 kids at home, it is SUCH a challenge trying to find time to exercise but I know I need to get back into it!

Kelly B.

Gorgeous photos, Carly! I am beyond excited for this collection, it might actually get me motivated enough to work out this year! 😀

Michelle Mullins

You look so cute! Those outfits are both fantastic, I love the colors. Plus you’re in great shape!


You’re killing it in all those photos-both athletically and stylistically! I have been so hooked on Bar Method-the only downside is it’s a perfect excuse to keep getting cute new workout clothes! With the promos this week I finally got some things from J. Crew, including those green leggings-can’t wait for them to arrive! Still waiting on a sale that applies to the sneakers, though…I am obsessed with both colors! I don’t know think I’m quite ready for the crop top…but hopefully soon 😉

Katie McC

<3 the pink carpis!!! I have gone to a local trampoline place 3 differnt times in the past few months and love going so much. I feel like a kid every time I am jumping around. They offer 10 workout classes for $100. I really want to sign up and take the class!



Girl. You look amazing. And sold the shit out of this for me. Take my commission money! 😉


I picked up a pair of the capri leggings over the weekend- love them! The whole line is super cute and was 25% off in store. Definitely will add more to the collection.