Best Jenna Lyons Quotes

Jenna Lyons is just the best. I love everything about her. Her fearlessness to be herself. Her unique style. Her dedication to her work. Can we say… #girlcrush?
Sometimes when I’m having a bad day or feeling uninspired to to do great work, I read an article or watch an interview she has done. There’s simply never enough.
I gathered some of my favorite Jenna Lyons’ quotations to share!
“I eat a lot of ice cream, chocolate, and cookies, and I drink rosé champagne.” Yep, a girl after my own heart.
“Amazing things happen when you’re having fun and doing something you love.” Amen, sister… A-men.

“There’s this idea that everybody has to have everything right away… I wasn’t the superstar. I had to work for it. Really long hours.” Did you know that Jenna has worked at J. Crew for her entire professional life? Starting as an assistant and consistently working her way up from there. Now that is dedication!

A few more favorite quotations:
“You can’t fix yesterday. And don’t beat yourself up over it– the only reason to beat yourself up is if you don’t learn from it.”
“In the end, it goes back to just wanting to change things and do a little better. It’s a constant process of always asking, ‘How can we be better? How can we be better? How can we be better?’”
“I am so not an insider, and that is O.K. I might feel like one in very particular moments. But I don’t feel the same pressure I did.”
Who is your girl crush? Anyone else love Jenna Lyons too?

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Jackie {York Avenue}

Love everything about this post! She is so inspiring and seems like such a great role model. She's equal parts stylish and successful, and as you said, unafraid to be herself. I'm just obsessed with anything having to do with her. She was on a few episodes of Girls recently – so awesome.


she's so great. love the quotes. there's no better female role model than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and is unapologetically herself.


Reference quote: "I eat a lot of ice cream, chocolate, and cookies, and I drink rosé champagne." -Jenna Lyons

I am disappointed in the ice cream quote. First, I don't believe it for a second; mainly due to what I know as a nurse, regarding insulin and fat. Second, in my opinion of not believing the ice cream quote sets up unreal expectation for young girls who believe the ice cream quote. Third, define the personal definition of "a lot." With the saturation of media campangiens toward girls, in my bubble of the world, it just struck a bad cord in my head.

Amy Marie

I quote Jenna Lyons anytime someone questions my used of leopard with an outfit! "As far as i'm concerned leopard is a neutral."



Love it! I also do the same thing when I'm feeling down or uninspired- I look up interviews from my go-to inspirations in various fields. I think it's really telling that no matter what these people do (some are in business, others are bloggers, some are in the fitness industry, others are stay-at-home moms to name a few) their words speak to any of us at some point. Just goes to show that we are more similar than we think 🙂 Great post!


Carly, posting these photographs without citing the photographer who took them is plagiarism, and I am curious to hear your justification for using these photographers without citation. As you admit yourself, you are an increasingly public figure, but I wonder how much longer companies such as J. Crew and Kate Spade will want to work with you if you continue to conduct yourself in such a poor public manner.


I love her! I think she is so adorable in her own way and is also so smart and wise, definitely a good role model and inspiration.



1) Where do you cite the photographer for all of these photographs? 2) How is she a girl after your own heart with the "I eat a lot of ice cream, chocolate, and cookies, and I drink rosé champagne."? Because you admittedly rarely drink, I mean your bar cart is a book cart. I don't have a problem if you don't drink, I just don't think Jenna Lyons is truly a "girl after your own heart" if this is the quote you are using to exemplify that!