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Summer means lots of airplane rides.  Flying home from school, visiting cousins across the country, traveling to vacation spots.
Anyone who’s traveled in the airport has probably experienced the same frustrations as me.  No, I’m not talking about the long lines, the huge fees to check bags, or the limitations on liquid.  (Although, all those things are quite frustrating.)
I’m talking about the frustrations of finding the perfect outfit to wear.  My personal requirements of finding an airport approved (and College Prepster approved outfits) include: comfortable, pockets, not too short, layers, and cute.
Here are some of outfit inspirations and more details about my requirements for traveling:

J. Crew

Vineyard Vines

Lilly Pulitzer
Comfortable is key.  Being comfortable, however, doesn’t mean you should don baggy sweatpants with words written across your rear or running shorts and a t-shirt.  Look for loose skirts with elastic waists or dresses that don’t itch or pinch.
I can’t travel without pockets.  Even though I typically travel with a purse, storing my license and ticket in my pocket is much more convenient.  If my dress or skirt doesn’t have pockets, then my sweater must. 
Sure, it’s summer and those short shorts are really cute.  While traveling in an airport, go ahead and pack your shorts and mini skirts away in your checked luggage.  I always make sure my hemlines are not too short.  This makes moving through security a breeze, lifting bags into the overhead bins appropriate, and  squishing in between Mr. Corporate and Mrs. Momwithbaby easy.
Security is hot, the gate is freezing, the plane is hot (and then cold and then hot and then cold).  Layers is the only way to make sure you’re not uncomfortably hot or cold at anytime during your travels.  I get quite nervous and the last thing I want to worry about is the temperature.
Lastly, I want to look cute.  Is that so much to ask???  I see all sorts of people roaming the airports looking disheveled and all over the place.  When I look put together, I always feel more put together.
PS Go light on the jewelry!  Going through security with a ton of bracelets is not fun.

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I ADORE the J. Crew & H&M combinations! Unfortunately, Southern California is rainy right now, but I'm hoping the sun will come out so I can try some of these outfits 🙂


I just bought the H&M skirt on Sunday and I've already worn it twice! Everyone: It's $10, so run out and buy it right now 🙂



Love these outfits, especially the vineyard vines skirt! And totally agree with you on the rules of travel!


I go back and forth between being stylish and wanting to be comfy…I like how your outfits encompass both!


I wish everyone still got dressed this nicely for the airport– it used to be completely common to dress up while traveling! Now it's all about jeans and sweatshirts. You have some great picks here for cute andd comfortable 🙂 And I completely agree about the pockets, can't go anywhere without them!