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Are you a “paper person”? You know, someone who really likes stationery and paper products in general? You probably are if you spend longer than you should scrolling through different versions of monogrammed flat notes. You probably are if you have a drawer (or two or three) dedicated to notepads, notebooks, sticky notes, and stationery… all with pretty patterns, monograms, and various colors/prints.
And you definitely are when people are always introducing you to new companies that you will love.
That’s my favorite part!
I get emails all the time asking if I’ve heard of this brand or that artist and I’m always blown away by the number of talented people out there doing there thing with paper.
So obviously I bring this up because it just happened and I really fell in love. My friend showed me a desktop calendar that she had with the most beautiful little illustrations. Each month had a cute print… couldn’t decide which one I liked more!!! They also had itty bitty amounts of glitter. Super fun.
I just popped onto the website and I am dying!!!
Maybe it’s a little bit too early to be thinking about this… but I can’t get enough of the Christmas tree:
Absolutely OBSESSED with these ballet flats!!!

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I have a HUGE stationery addiction and I think the "C'est Chic" notecards and ballet flat cards will be my next purchases! Thanks for sharing this, Carly!



Someone gave me a Karen Adams 'wedding' stationery set for my bridal shower and I didn't even want to use the cards! they were so adorable!

Lindsay Jeanloz of Port Winsor

LOVE!!! I saw the little desk calendar in a shop in Chatham but never knew who made it. Thanks for the introduction – the AHOY Note Cards are just perfect. Actually, I just about love everything on her website. Thanks, again!


That is so cute, but I have to say that I'm really not a paper person cause I have really bad handwriting, haha.

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Those are really cute but I had to tell you about my new favorite brand! It's Mara-mi and a bunch of their stuff is at Target! I'm absolutely in love, haha!