What’s In My Kate Spade Beau Bag

I love these “What’s In Your Bag” posts. I swear it’s because I’m just super nosy. I’m always curious as to what people are carrying around in their bag.
Now that I’m working for myself, I’ve been spending so much time back and forth between meetings and popping in and out of coffee shops. I find myself away from my apartment for hours at a time so I bring a lot of stuff with me. The Kate Spade Beau Bag has been great for lugging everything around town. So appreciative that they sent it to me… I’ve been really planning my outfits around it!
The other day, I got back from a meeting and captured everything (minus seven Burgerfi receipts) that was in my bag.
Cole Haan Wallet (similar) // Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit // Monogrammed Card Holder
I can’t go anywhere without a spare phone charger and I’ve been carrying my camera everywhere too. A bottle of nail polish in case of a chip… ear buds for blocking out the crazies on subway rides. The bow on the front is actually a pocket and I slip my phone in there all the time.

How cute is the inside? I love this picture of the ear buds with the lining of the bag!
What are things you absolutely must carry with you on-the-go?

PS If you’ve done a “What’s In My Bag” post, include a link in a comment… I love reading those 🙂
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Country and Classy

The more and more you post about this bag, the more and more I want it! I mean, there is nothing NOT to love about it! If only it was within my budget (the struggle of being a college student!).