Kate Spade Fall/Winter 2014

This is Kate Spade’s “Year of Travel” and it couldn’t have happened during a better year. This is so the year of travel, I think for everyone! It seems like I have a bunch of trips planned and my friends are all traveling and I’m seeing other people’s Instagram photos with new locations. The wanderlust is at an all-time high.
Going to the Kate Spade presentation (always my favorite event during fashion week) on Friday didn’t help. Now I want to get my passport stamped for a couple new continents. There was a lot going on with the different collections, but I snapped a few pictures of my favorite pieces. (Oh, and high ponytails were everywhere… so don’t be surprised if you see me bouncing around town with a ponytail on the top of my head!)
The gloves! The coat! That bag! A really understated, chic outfit with that amazing pop of leopard… I want it all!
The outfit in the middle is crazy, but the jumbo leopard print sweater and that Jackie O with a touch of glitter on the right and the left are perfection
These girls were rocking the navy and feathers.
Very Kate Spade bold colorblocking on the Shanghai side. 
While shopping the other day (really I went in the store to warm up from the snow in between meetings), I bought the Kate Spade Scalloped hem Jackie Capris. I tried them on because I didn’t think they’d fit well– finding pants that fit is always a struggle– but they couldn’t have fit better! (For reference, I got them in the same size I buy my J. Crew minnie pants!) I have a feeling they’re going to be my go-to pair of pants… for everything. Dear Kate Spade, I’d buy them in every color!!! wink, wink.
While this collection won’t be out until fall/winter, the Paris and Brighton collections are live!
Anyone else want to travel a bunch this year? #travelcolorfully

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I love everything in that second picture. And that middle sweater that's covered in sequins? I would rock that! So jealous you got to go, looks like you had a blast!


So much fun that you got to go to the show! I feel like last year was the year of travel for me (Belize, then Uganda, then studied abroad in Switzerland and traveled around Europe) but I encourage everyone to get out there and get their passport all stamped up!!