Kate Spade Rings

I love my Kate Spade bow ring. It may sound strange, but I’m always convinced that I live in a little Kate Spade ad when I wear it. Oh that macaron? Let me reach across the table with my perfectly polished nails…


If you want more pictures of this ring– trust me there will be plenty more– follow along on Instagram.
I told my friend my secret confession about the advertisement thing and he looked at me like I had three heads. Hopefully I’m not the only one!! I always wear two rings; one on each hand. I kind of want to get a few more. Kate Spade has some totally adorable and fun ones right now… and I’m in love.

Scallop Ring // I saw a girl at the store wearing it layered with another scallop ring and it was too cute.

Goreski Glasses // My personal eyeglasses collection is about to grow from four to seven in the next couple of weeks. It’s almost out of control, but I totally love it. Eyeglasses on a ring? Yes, please.

Bow Ring // Oh, I just love my little bow ring. It’s simple and adorable and makes me happy.

Say Yes to Crazy Town // I mean… considering I’ve been full-on crazy lately, I think this ring is just a must. Perfect to warn everyone who comes in contact with me 😉

Do you have a favorite ring?


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amy h @ leopardspot

I would love to see a post about your glasses collection and what you like/why you chose your glasses! I'm in the market for a new "fun" pair and would love to see what you have – you always look so chic in yours!

xx, Amy


I wish I never clicked on that link, because I just saw Kate Spade have the bow ring in rose gold ]: and I love rose gold. I have the bow ring in silver, and now I think I might have to get the rose gold one….