Kate Spade Spring 2015 Presentation

The Kate Spade presentation is my absolute favorite part of fashion week. I had been looking forward to seeing the new collection since I received the save-the-date. They never disappoint!
In true New York Fashion Week spirit, it was a perfectly crazy day. 
Hair and makeup! Normally I do this myself, but it was a special day and it’s nice to have two less things to think about (aka to go wrong) in the morning. A bunch of us (see Jess there in the background?!) went to Eiji Salon to have our hair done courtesy of Joico. My makeup was done by Brian Dean who was a trooper and came to my apartment bright and early! We had extra visitors in my apartment too so it was kind of crazy, but the end result was amazing. Easily my favorite makeup application that I’ve ever had done. I didn’t want to look like I had ten pounds of makeup on and I think he really just made me look natural and polished. 
After hair and makeup, I headed downtown to meet my friends for coffee before Kate Spade. I was running way behind, but caught the very end of the friend date with Chassity and Julia! Walking in with friends makes it so much more fun! Chassity and I were shoe twins (best nude pumps ever) and each other’s sidekicks while we looked around. She’s one of my most favorite people in the world and I just LOVE it when she is in town!!!
^^ Deborah and Brad!
I met this lovely lady and we had to take a picture in our matching outfits. What’s better than one red-velvet-cupcake dress? Two. There are only so many moments when you can pull off a dress like this (c/o).. and I jumped at the opportunity. It’s so over the top. (And I love it.) 
Kate Spade let a few of us bloggers pick out outfits to wear to the presentation. I go to the 789 Madison store quite a lot since it’s close to my apartment, but it was extra special to have a private room with a huge selection of outfits to choose from. I was deciding between this dress and a cute sweater. Considering the 90 degree heat, I’m very glad I went with a backless dress! I didn’t totally melt…
(The red clutch? Totally outside of my comfort zone. I would never think to pair a red clutch with a red dress on my own! The stylist at Kate Spade was advocating for it and I’m happy I took his advice!)
Now onto my favorite looks from the collection on display! I cannot WAIT for this one to hit stores next spring. Absolutely my favorite one ever. (Can we skip winter?!)
This green dress was my favorite of the whole bunch. The waist is gorgeous and makes the skirt billow out perfectly all around. Plus, the color. Oh, that green! 
(Fun fact: that’s real grass.)
Who else is counting down the days until the scalloped bags are released? Officially on my wish list. The green and white dresses above and below caught my eye in a big way too.
What do you think of the collection? Which looks/pieces are your favorites?


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Hillary Style

Green is my favorite color, I'm so glad to see it in this collection. I'm on the hunt for a new bag, so that scalloped one might be it.

Making Average Awesome


Carly, you looked so pretty in that red dress!! I am obsessing over the Kate Spade Spring 2015 looks…kinda makes me wish spring could come back again!! Great post


Wow you look fantastic in that red dress! (so jealous – WANT ONE)
I just LOVE that black tulle one with the sheer white shoulders and the cute collar, it's so cute but still looks like it would be practical for work 🙂


Love that red dress Carly – so cute!

The long sleeved green striped dress shown with the black scalloped bag (which #need) looks EXACTLY the same as my prep school summer uniform over here in England! Maybe the skirt was a smidge longer but still – instant flashback! Maybe I should dig mine out of the attic and rock a true vintage!


You look radiant Carly! Any chance you remember what products the makeup artist used??
Oh and side question- what app/program did you use when you made that room design for your sister a while back?
Thanks so much,

Constance Browne

I kept seeing Kate Spade's presentation through Instagram and fell in love. It was executed flawlessly and all the pieces are so beautiful! I love the idea of a presentation instead of a traditional runway!

Constance || Prep Northwest


I love everything! I'm not a fan of green but all the styles are really awesome! The snail clutch is my favorite 🙂


Taylor Hoffman

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I am drooling over how gorgeous that presentation is…I can't imagine seeing it in person!!! Hope you had a good time during NYFW!!

xo, Taylor