kembrel – free member card

Kembrel is offering College Prep readers a free members card ($10 normally).
Just enter College Prepster in the referred by section at check out!
I’ve been a HUGE Kembrel fan for awhile.  Remember that perfect summery video I posted back in May? The way the site works a little differently now.  You have to have a membership card (but, woo! you get it for free!).  What does the card get you?
1. 15% off themed collections which buyers and student style committee are putting together
2. Access to permanent partner perks (e.g., $1 off each Campusfood order, 20% off posters on ThePosterList, etc)
3. Additional benefits such as free shipping or extra $ off outlet sales
4. VIP access to events (Kembrel had a Fashion Night Out party in Boston, where Kembrel members were on a special guest list to pass the queue.)


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Hey Carly & Anon,
Thanks so much for posting this, and thanks for the feedback! Anon, you should get $10 back in your account, which you can check when you log in to your account. If for whatever reason that didn't happen please let us know! Email support [at] kembrel [dot] com or call us at 866.219.2196 and we will fix it ASAP. Again, sorry you had some trouble but we hope we can sort it all out!
-your pals at Kembrel.

Stephan (Founder & co-CEO)

Dear Carly & Collegeprepster readers,

Thanks so much for coming over to Kembrel today. This is Stephan, one of the founders and co-CEO at Kembrel.

Unfortunately, the technology gods were unkind to us as our site was very spotty during the day. My sincere apologies for that and thanks for bearing with us.

As a little thank you, we will indeed give everybody who signed up today, our VIP card for free AND we will credit your account with $10 as a thank you.

Many thanks and please let us know if you have any problems!

Best, Stephan


However, be aware that $10 will still be deducted from your actual bank account (and therefore the kembrel card is NOT free).