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This week was really awesome. For about a hundred different reasons, but mostly that every day had just the right amount of work and play. I think it’s just that I love summer and we’ve had some perfect summer days and summer storms at night. Started the week bright and early with a 7:15 am Monday meeting and I crammed in as much as possible– work and play wise. A fun trip to the movies on Tuesday, all the walks in Central Park, meetings and coffees and dinners. Love
I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend. I intend on soaking up every ounce of summer sunshine possible because August is looming around the corner. #summerforever
Here’s what’s on my radar this week:
ONE // Kerasilk Treatment
Teen Vogue just posted this amazing article reviewing a new Keratin treatment called Kerasilk. It is supposedly non-toxic and it’s customizable. You can keep your curls. Without the frizz! The one thing that has always caused me to not do any kind of semi-permanent/permanent hair straightening technique is that I always thought I’d want my hair to be curly. I love the idea and I’m very, very tempted to try. Plus, how amazing does Leslie’s hair look?!
TWO // Bindi Irwin
Can you believe that Bindi is 16? She’s turned into such a wonderful young woman, and you know it’s only the very beginning of her career. She was only eight when her dad passed away, but she’s already continuing to create a lasting legacy in his memory. Pretty incredible. 

Is it an “On My Radar” post without at least one reference to Harry Potter? Whoops! Sorry, I’m not sorry; I’m just a tiny bit obsessed. Obviously I took this quiz… and got Molly Weasley??? I guess it could be worse, but I was totes rooting for a Hermione draw 😉 Let me know which character you get!
I’m certainly a sucker for anything related to moms. I love moms! These photos are pretty darn beautiful and moving… in the simple ways that make mom mom. The photographs were taken over 50 years ago for a book called Family and were rediscovered just recently. How much has changed? Not much! I couldn’t even pick a favorite– they’re all great.

FIVE // J. Crew New Arrivals

I know, I know. It’s still summer. But sheesh, if the J. Crew new arrivals aren’t the cutest things ever. I already pre-ordered these shoes and can’t wait to do some actual fall shopping soon.

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What’s on your radar this week?

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Mollie Taylor

I just took the Harry Potter quiz and I also got Molly Weasley! A little more fitting for me since my name is "Mollie", but I thought a had a sense of adventure?! I guess not!

Gigi @ Dolce and Gabriella

I got Luna Lovegood…my favorite 🙂 am I flattering myself too much if I say it fits?

I can't believe it's almost August already. Please for the love of God don't post fall clothes until then, okay Carly? Let's pretend it's still "the middle of summer" for as long as we can!

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

Jane Reggievia

don't blame me but my eyes only spotted the "sexiest husband is alive" *sobs*
anyway, I got Molly too, is it because I chose "red" color as my favorite color? And I just realized it related to Weasly's red head haha. have a good day, Carly! stay awesome (:


Rebecca Field

Aww the long-lost mother photos make me so homesick! I think you've inspired a phone call to the parents tonight!
As for the Harry Potter quiz, I got Dolores Umbridge… Definitely not! I think it may have been the pink?



I'll be honest, I am on my way out as one of your readers. Things like yogurt, napping and monograms just don't gel with my life as a 25 year old attorney. That being said, it was very refreshing to see you start off a post by stating your week was awesome, as opposed to soooo stressful or one of "those" weeks.


I got Luna. While I think I'm more of a Penelope Clearwater, I'm definitely happy for a Ravenclaw! I love my house. 🙂

The pictures of moms are so beautiful, thanks for sharing those!

And, finally, I'm always ready for fall shopping. The new arrivals are killing me (in the best possible way).