Key Rings

As I’m gearing up to move (!!!), I’m on the hunt for the perfect key chain! As much as I love cute little key fobs, I’d rather stay away from any type of cloth material. I find that they start off super bright and adorable. But a few weeks later the cloth is super dingy and notsocute.
Luckily metal (and other material) key rings are not in short supply. I think there may be too many to choose from. Will you help me???
I’ve narrowed it down (haha…) to this small selection.
Bella Jewels Tassel Keychain | I’m seriously loving tassels recently. I like how this seems to be an easy to find option. That is, I won’t “lose” my keys in the bottom of my purse or tote bag. If I decided to take a break from it as a key ring, I could also slip it onto the handle of a purse. The Etsy store has some other colors… and I am torn between the green and the white.
Me and Belle Couture Acrylic Monogram Keychain | I love the cut out monogram. I think it also would be easy to find in a big tote since it’s 2.25″ by 2.25″. I’d also have a difficult time choosing a color!!! It comes in different color acrylic including gold glitter! But I think I’d end up going for the classic tortoise.
Lulu Guinness Gold Lipstick Keyring | It’s a rare occasion when I put lipstick on, so I like the idea of having lipstick with me. It’s super girly, right?
Vineyard Vines Polo Keychain | I think this is just the funniest little keychain. It seriously looks like just like the vineyard vines polo shirt. Right down to the whale. I love the pink + navy combination.
Juicy Couture Charms | These charms are meant to be added to charm bracelets and necklaces (I think…), but they could easily be added to little key rings. I like that I could have my keys on a simple key ring and change out the charm depending on my mood! Maybe I could even add a few charms at once. The lemon charm is super charming (hehe) and reminds me of Sweet Lemon! I don’t think I could resist the flip flop charm either… it would certainly remind me of my home back in Florida!
Fossil Giraffe Keychain | Let’s take a minute to discuss how absolutely adorable this is!!!! I am seriously dying. I know some people who are obsessed with giraffes, and while I’m not personally one of those people, I really do love love love this key ring! The hardware is really nice too. You can put keys on the ring and also clip the whole keychain to the inside of your purse.
Brighton Heartbright Key Fob | I have a few pairs of Brighton earrings, but I typically think of Brighton as being much more of a suburban mother kind of brand. However, I love the simplicity and quaintness of the key ring. Nothing fancy, but it’s still very sweet.
What do you use as a key chain?
Let me know which one you think I should go with in a comment!!! I can’t wait to see what you think.
PS While we’re talking about KEYS, check out these cute pieces of jewelry with keys:

scroll through to see them all!

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Grace Horan

the one with the giraffe is so adorable and different! You should definetly go with that one.. it would just brighten anyones day and is so cute <3

Julia D.

I can't decide between the lemon, heart, or the lipstick! They're all so cute, I completely understand your predicament. Personally, I use a university lanyard for my keys because it also has a slot for my student ID. That will change when I'm no longer a student, but for now, while it may not be cute, it is practical.


I can see why you are having a hard time choosing, I love them all! I would probably stay away from the Juicy charms though, because they will be smaller and less noticeable when you carry your keys. I would either choose the lipstick keychain or the monogrammed one!

xo, collegeglitter


I think I died when I saw that giraffe! I'm certainly not in need of a key chain, but I doubt I'll be able to resist the temptation of that frivolous purchase.


I would go for the giraffe one !!
It's so special and giraffes are the coolest animals ever, if you ask me 🙂



These are all so adorable! I would go with either the monogrammed one or the adorable giraffe!! Good luck with your move.


I would go with the giraffe, but all of the key rings are so cute that you can't go wrong!



Wow, I think I'm going against the trend here, but I vote for the Vineyard Vines one. Primarily because I have a "Rosetta Stone" keychain in much that size and shape and it makes finding my office keys very easy. Rosetta keychain . On my house keys, I've just got a plain leather fob. red leather

The giraffe is adorable, but I don't know how hard you are on your keys. I'm very hard on mine apparently, and I worry that the little neck would snap, then I'd feel like a murderer ha! I'd skip the Juicy ones because the rhinestones might fall out (which drives me bonkers) and the flipflop is just begging to break.

Whichever you get, I hope you love it


Ah! This is too funny! I have been obsessing over what key ring to get. I just moved to NYC as well, and I feel so childish pulling out my keys…they have a vera bradley coin purse attached, which was great when I needed my college ID 24/7, but not so much now. I love the giraffe one!

I am thinking about getting this one (copying your necklace idea!). With the coordinates of my new city!

and I also really like this one by Tory Burch, especially because its my college colors. true.nerd.status.,default,pd.html?dwvar_11125009_color=122&start=26&cgid=accessories-small-accessories

good luck with the move, maybe ill run into you on the UES!


I love the lipstick! thick key rings are a little annoying, but I always know my keys are safe! I also really like the tassel, but I think it might get tangled which would definitely bother me!


I have the Vineyard Vines polo key chain!! (Then again, I work there, so I own just about everything in the store!) As a previous Juicy Charm bracelet owner (we were all there in middle school, right?), I would have to tell you to stray away from the charms. They're super adorable in the beginning, but the start to chip and the rhinestones fall out really early on–and in my experience, key chains tend to take a beating.

I absolutely LOVE the monogrammed one though! It's adorable and (based on what I've seen) totally you!

I wish you the best of luck in moving! <3

Jordan - Queen of LA!

loved all your picks but wanted to share my opinion – i currently have an iomoi suede tassel keychain and i love it! its so easy to find in my huge bag. over the weekend, however, i moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and now i want a new keychain to mark the occasion 🙂 i asked a friend to buy me the monogrammed me&belle one for my birthday! great minds think alike 🙂

Jess Ziegler

Brighton Heartbright Key Fob

Oorrr If you can sew at all you can just take bright ribbon and sew it on both sides right around the key ring. You will end up with a big loop and you will be able to find it really easily! My SIL did the above and her keys are so easy to find now 🙂

Or the Giraffe one is really cute too!


Awesome options and good luck with your move!
While all of the key rings are awesome, the monogram one is definitely my favorite. So unique and classic.


I think the monogram is super cute, but I'd be afraid it might break since it is acrylic. I really like the tassel and the giraffe too! I'm looking for a change from my key fob also, and it's important to me that it be easy to find and durable.

Emily B

I like the giraffe or the lemon. I like the lipstick too but what would you do when you ran out of the lipstick? It would just be an empty lipstick on your keys.