Kindred Spirits

One of the things that fascinates me the most is that everybody is so different in the world and that’s exactly what makes the world work. For example, every time I hang up the phone with my accountant, I think to myself how great it is that he’s so passionate about that…. because I certainly am not. There are people who love to work with their hands, people who have been gifted with incredible creativity and artistry, people who have a way with words or a way with numbers. Introverts and extroverts. Leaders and team players. It’s really amazing.
It’s actually one of the first things that I loved about college. Whereas in high school, group projects were a nightmare… in college, it was amazing to see how a group of four or six (or in one extreme case of mine, 15) could come together and bring different talents, skills, and passions to the table. The group assignments we had in college were honestly some of the most challenging things I’ve ever done and they really required everyone to pitch in in different, and unique ways. There was always someone in the group who was capable of checking off a box for the project.
I really do value these differences, but there’s something extra special about meeting a kindred spirit. Someone who just gets you and your little weird idiosyncrasies right away. There’s just a certain kind of “click” that occurs. A kindred spirit, in my opinion, could have a lot of differences with you, but on a larger scale, there’s some sort of common thread (that may be impossible to even name!). Or, you find and see yourself in the other person in a positively eerie, but amazing, way.

While planning my collaboration with Minnie & Emma, Meredith (the owner!) and I had only ever emailed… we met in person a couple of weeks later for coffee and to look at the samples. I love her! It was one of those kindred spirits moments. It got to the point where I wasn’t sure if I was more excited about the collaboration and the adorable products or just getting to work with her!

She was smart and talented and I loved hearing her background. Honestly, we have quite a few similarities in working style and how we “got started” while still in college. And I was incredibly inspired by her career path and drive and dedication to her family. 

Working with Meredith has been so fun and makes me even more excited to have collaborated on the fun products. I keep swapping my iPhone cases out and the notepad is in daily use!
At the end of the day, getting to meet (and work with) kindred spirits… and then share the excitement and final products with you makes me incredibly happy!

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Winter Moon

This reminds me. I need an accountant.

Great post! It's great to be reminded of our beautiful differences and to embrace them. We definitely not hear it enough.


April Marie

Love this post! I totally agree about how it is when you mesh well with another person- like they get you and you them. To me, that priceless.

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