Lacrosse Recruits

Being at a university with no Greek system, being on a sport’s team is such a great way to get involved, meet people, have school spirit, and have fun!

I love being a coxswain (I am not personally a huge fan of having things thrown at me…) and I love my team. I can’t imagine surviving without them!

Crew is one of the very few sports where athletes can simply “walk-on.” Most sports require athletes to go through a rigorous recruiting process. Thankfully, with the help of the internet, it’s a lot easier to put your name out there, contact coaches, and find the perfect school for you.

I know next to nothing about Lacrosse, it’s not super big in Florida (even though my HS team won states a few times I think… hmmm…). But when Chris Meade emailed me about these ADORABLE shirts I couldn’t resist including them on my blog!

If you’re a high schooler (or know one) who plays Lacrosse and is interested in playing in college, I’m thinking this is the site for you.

Lacrosse Recruits

I love the Vineyard Vines Whale and the colors of their Summer Circuit shirts!

Pass the word around!


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Gloria Stephany

I played Lacrosse in High School as well as Water Polo and got my butt kicked lol! It was well worth it! As for the Greek system.. All of my friends are Greek including my Boyfriend, I dont like the message any Greek system sends out, I think sports are totally the way to go, they promote a healthy lifestyle for students!!


Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in Florida! Our HS team also has won states a few times. Not going to lie, when I got injured and couldn't play soccer anymore, my injury healed about the same time as Lax tryouts and I wanted a plaid kilt more than anything so I switched sports!!