Lake Placid Snapshots

Carter got invited to go up to Lake Placid and she asked if I wanted to come along. I couldn’t say no! I haven’t been since middle school. My parents’ friends have a stunning home on Mirror Lake and we visited a couple of times. I have great memories of the town and the lake. Going in the winter has been on my “travel bucket list.” Two nights wasn’t nearly enough time!

How would I describe Lake Placid in December? So beautiful, so cold.

Leading up to the trip, Carter and I were hoping for snow. Snow is never a guarantee and we were hoping there’d at least be snow on the ground. Well, we got more than we bargained for! When I looked at the weather a few days before our departure, it said it was going to be in the single digits with eight inches of snow.

It’s normally not a bad drive from Connecticut; you can easily make it in five hours with a stop for coffee mid-way. With all the snow though, it took six. It was coming down so hard and fast that they couldn’t salt/clear the roads fast enough. For a good stretch of the drive, we were down to one (very slippery) lane. I was white-knuckling it for close to an hour. (I don’t have a lot of snow-driving experience… don’t judge, I grew up in Florida!)

Drive Lake Placid

We made it in one piece and checked into the hotel while it snowed outside. I felt like we were in a snow globe. It was the warmest day of our trip with it hovering right around 30 degrees. Luckily we still had a few hours of sunlight to look around.

Adirondack Chair Ornament

We popped in and out of shops along Main Street. I loved all the Adirondack chair ornaments everywhere, especially the red ones! So festive.

Candy Lake Placid

A few of the shops had extensive candy and fudge selections. I had to slowly back away from the counters because the temptation was so real. My mouth is watering just looking at the photo.

Lake Placid Movie Theater

Main Street is like something straight out of Gilmore Girls. I mean, this movie theatre alone is perfection and then there’s a little Blueberry Bakery right next door.

Grandma Betsey

Fun fact, my grandma and grandpa (my mom’s parents) were married in Lake Placid. I had to take a photo in front of the door where they had their photo taken. It felt pretty magical with all the snow coming down. It’s been a few years since they passed away, but I broke down after taking the photo. I was fine one minute and then crying the next! My mom and my aunts saw the post on my Instagram story and they texted me too saying they were emotional seeing the photos.

Lake Placid Church

Brownies in a Jar

After dinner, I regretted not getting some fudge to indulge in. All the shops were closed, so we popped into a restaurant down the street for some dessert and coffee.

On Wednesday morning, our only full day, we bundled up for some skiing at White Face. I had heard mixed reviews about the mountain and everyone described it as the coldest skiing they had ever done. Of course, we spent a good chunk of time getting all of our ski clothes on and by the time we got to the mountain, all but two lifts were closed due to wind. We figured we might as well do a little skiing since we were there. Well as we’re walking out of the lodge, they shut down the second lift and the bunny slope was only open! It was still fun though and a great way to get my “ski legs” back.

Apres Ski

Aprés Ski Sweater (c/o) // Leggings (c/o) // Similar Ear Muffs

And the best part about skiing, taking off your boots! I’m all about the aprés ski life. We changed into cozy clothes and went off to find something to eat. I had a savory breakfast of eggs, so I splurged on blueberry pancakes for lunch.

The Breakfast Club


Some more snaps from the walk between the hotel and town. It was ridiculously cold, but it somehow doesn’t matter when everything is perfectly flocked with snow.

I was already feeling the Christmas spirit, but this trip really sealed the deal for me. All the wreaths and trees and the SNOW. I sat in front of a fire every second we were inside and it felt like it was Christmas.

Flocked Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Mirror Lake Inn had all kinds of trees up. I’m more into the traditional trees. I loved how they did the rings of ornaments on this one front and center in the lobby.

Mirror Lake Inn

All of the meals we had were delicious. If you have dinner at The View (the restaurant within Mirror Lake Inn), you have to get the gnocchi. The breakfast was amazing too. I got the oatmeal every day with scrambled eggs.

Lake Placid

Similar Hat // Coat // Sweater // Sunnies

And just like that, it was time to go! Thursday was even colder than Wednesday. As we were driving out of Lake Placid, I pulled the car over to take these photos. No words to describe how cold it was. The wind was so strong; I thought the car door was going to come unhinged when I opened it. It’s a miracle we got any photos here between the wind and cold.

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Mackenzie Domazet

I’ve never seen a place so quintessentially Christmas! I’ve been to Lake Placid in February/March for late ski season but never around Christmastime. The weather coupled with all the Christmas decorations makes me want to drive there! And the food you had looks amazing 🙂


Am now adding Lake Placid to my list of places to travel to. I had no idea how cool it is there– it looks fabulous!

Colleen Collichio

Lake Placid is my favorite place in planet earth. Whatever season, it is so special! The Mirror Lake Inn is a home away from home for me as my husband is a musician there. They are all like family! There is no place like Lake Placid if you want to fill your heart with the stunning beauty of Christmas!


You are darling, and so’s that sweater, so I’m afraid to tell you that “apres ski” has nothing to do with breakfast or blueberry pancakes. It is ALL about cocktails. Specifically, it’s the afternoon (apres ski = after ski) party at ski area lodges and bars, and depending where you are skiing, can get quite wild!


Haha, that may be but after skiing for me is cappuccinos and sweets since I don’t love drinking 😉


How cute to get a pic where your Granparents got married. I love that Apres Ski sweater. I saw it in Talbots yesterday but unfortunately have no ski trips planned this season 🙁

Nancy Ott

I have so many fond memories of Lake Placid, both winter and summer. I concur about the skiing being very cold on White Face – we went there and as I was a beginner, I stayed on the bunny hill, but my father and brothers went half way up the mountain and they were sooo cold when they came in – which is saying alot. I saw Animal House and All the President’s Men at that theatre – both 2 of my very favourite movies of all time. We used to camp at Cranberry Lake, which is about an hour from Lake Placid and there is a wonderful restaurant there (if it is still there). Thank you for the lovely memories.


The picture of you by the same door your grandparent’s wedding picture was taken is so sweet! I’d be emotional too if I did that. 🙂


That Apres-Ski sweater is so cute! It totally looks like a ski sweater that my mom would’ve worn in the 80’s!

XO Malinda,


Ughh the photos look absolutely amazinggg I cannot. But girl, I dont know if I can handle all of that snow!


What a stunning place to be during Christmastime! Oh my goodness…this reminds me a bit of this cozy pre- Christmas trip my bf and I took to Newport rhode island a few years ago… it was so festive there, especially going to the breakers mansions at Christmas time! I love your ski outfit too, retro and very cute!


I literally LIVE for taking my boots off at the end of a long day of snowboarding – it is the absolute best feeling!!! Now I’m dying for a day on the mountain after this post 🙂

Amanda McDowell

Love the “Apres Ski” sweater! I’m still learning, so I get tired easily and joke that the whole trip is just “apres ski”. Eventually I’ll get my ski legs but for now, I just love reading by a fire in the snow!

Love all of these pictures, and way to be a trooper in that miserable cold!