Lapse of sanity?

I joined Pinterest.
Even though I HATE Pinterest.
Do you know what I do when I’m bored, or have a random two minute span of unscheduled time, or want to distract myself from some annoying group project?  I go on Pinterest.
There are some really great ideas on there!  (Although I found it thoroughly creepy when I found a picture of myself…)  I still sort of hate it, aside from the time waster aspects… Because there’s SO much creativity… it kind of lacks creativity.  Does that make sense?  It’s like everything I dislike about Tumblr.
Nonetheless, I have both a Tumblr account and a Pinterest account… oh well.
Are you on Pinterest?  Like or dislike or indifferent?
PS Has anyone ever actually cooked/baked something they found?  I swear I have gained ten pounds from just LOOKING at the amazing food.

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I am addicted and have tried some eye makeup tutorials, hair 'dids, made two bracelets and and those easy pumpkin / cake mix muffins that are EVERYWHERE. They came out OK, need some tweaking. I want to pretend my life's as perfect as every gorgeous item I pin!


oops let's try this again…
I love pinterest and yes, I saw your picture.
Give it some time, it'll grow on you. 🙂
I have a chocolate board. I feel if I stare at it too long I'm going to gain weight. Never knew chocolate could look that good.

Tar Heel Prep

lol, the never-ending pinterest convo! Obvi, if people never turn their "pins" into something tangible, it's just a massive time-drain. But I've found it to be an amazing catalyst for turning ideas I already have into really awesome, 'real life' results. Kind of the same way I feel about CP's 'outfit' posts… I already had 95% of the outfit in my head, but that one last, perfect detail makes it sing! 😉


Hahaha, Pinterest will grow on you, it grew on me. I refuse to get a twitter or a tumbler but I caved this summer to getting a Pinterest account and now I am addicted. There are so many great ideas on it and I find awesome new blogs through it. I have done quite a few things off it, including finding a recipe for Olive Garden bread sticks which are amazing! I find it more inspirational than anything else!



I have made several recipes that I have found on Pinterest…and usually everything turns out perfect! I also have found SO many good organization tips – which I'm sure you would love too!


Pinterest has saved dinner time for me! I usually cook at least one new dinner a week thanks to things that I have pinned!
I'm currently planning a formal event and I now have amazing homemade centerpieces that cost about $5 each!



I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest! I haven't tried any of the recipes or crafts that I've found but I really want to! There are so many good tips and I love it! XO

Michelle Kay

I love Pinterest! My friends and I had a Pinterest party, where everyone made something that they had found on the website. I tell everyone about Pinterest best site everrr!!


I love Pinterest. Everyone makes fun of me because I pin so much food, especially chocolate food 🙂

I've cooked a lot of stuff I've found on there, and I've done a lot of crafts I've found there. I think it can be helpful for the creative types, though I can see where a lot of people just pin stuff and never do it. I've had mine since last February or so, so it's been a good (or bad) distraction for homework and whatnot.


i love pinterest! my obsession has waned and i find myself logging on less frequently than i used to, but it's an excellent time waster when that is required 🙂


I am also, addicted to pinterest. And, yes, I kind of hate it at times. We joined because we wanted to keep our branding consistent and because we were getting a lot of webhits from it. So, it only made sense that we get on it and make our presence more cohesive.

I LOVE the recipes on Pinterest though!! I have made several and loved them. Specifically, the butter pecan sweet potatoes (minus the pecans) and I am so addicted to those. I also love some of the fashion ideas because they are different than the ones I get on my tumblr dash.


I am absolutely addicted. When I need a study break, I go here. It's a love hate relationship though, what can I say. I have made a few of the recipes from there, and they're AMAZING!!! If you look hard enough, you can find some really good ones that are half way healthy too.


I am obsessed with Pinterest! I have found so many great blogs through it, along with so many great recipes! I have tried a few recipes and find that the ones on their are easier to follow compared to recipes found on and other "recipe" websites. They are easier because they are usually on blog's and contain picture directions, perfect for me! 🙂


I really like Pinterest because I am able to find AMAZING ideas to use in the classroom! (I am a future teacher) and I have actually used several things found on Pinterest in the classroom! the kids love it 🙂


Honestly, I can't really say I like Pinterest. I think the basic idea is good, but it's sort of hard to navagate. I have found good stuff, but it's sort of hit or miss.


I have one, but I actually prefer tumblr. I never remember to check it or pin stuff. They're pretty similar though.


I'm not exactly sure what to do with mine. Or Svpply either. Anyway I'm going to be sticking with Tumblr in the meantime…


I totally agree. I feel like once it ends up on Pinterest, its probably been done a million times. Still, Ive always wanted an easy way to store groups of visual thoughts before. So I still like it.