Last First Day

Today is the last first day.
(I also said this my senior year of high school… and I’m sure I’ll say this the first day of spring semester.)
But, really.  This is IT.
I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around the whole Real World right around the corner situation all summer long, and have yet to really come to terms with it.  Anyone who has had the pleasure (ha) to know me for more than a year or so knows that I have a lot of issues with how our education system works and is run.  Here I am, my whole life I’ve been “a student.”  I have one more year of studentship.
I feel like I’m ready.
Whether I like it or not though, I still have to get through one more (tough) year.
Soccer Mom and Dad helped me so much moving in (who knew moving in during a hurricane would actually be a blessing…. tons of parking, cooler weather, not a lot of other movers).  They did get “stranded” in D.C. for an extra day because of flight cancelations, but it was really fun to get 24 more hours with them.
Soccer Mom bought me this Dogeared necklace, and I love it so much.  I’ve been looking for a replacement one all summer and couldn’t find one that “fit” me.  Stumbling across this on M St. was totally like a sign.
This year I’m taking five classes and I am a TA for another.
Who’s started school already?  How’d your first days go?

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I have! It has been alright! Can't complain. I'm a fourth year as well. Feels weird! …and I feel old, too. (Not sure if you can agree with me on that one). Anyways, hope your first day goes well!


Good Luck! Can't wait to see what outfit you wear and how your day goes!

xx Emily @


Best of luck!! Live it up too, senior year went way wayy too fast for me. I've only been graduated for a few months but already I miss it so much that it hurts! I know you'll make the most of it 🙂


I started yesterday and I'm ready bogged down with tons to do… so goes with the territory. I must say as said as I was to see my summer end it felt great being back on campus. I was so energized when I walked through the quad (could have been a side effect of the venti soy cap and the black eye peas blaring from my iPod). 🙂

Portuguese Prepster

love the necklace! good luck with your senior year. I'm a third year and the thought of senior year terrifies me. On one end I'm very ready to be out of college but on the other I am scared of the "real world."


That's a really great necklace! Best of luck to you in your senior year, Carly. I started a week a go, and while I'm all settled in, I think I'm still getting back into my groove.


I said the same thing last night. I'm going to be a senior in high school and I told my mom, this is my last first day of high school. I make everything seem more memorable than what it really is. Ive been anticipating college. However, I may actually miss the first day of waking up to something for the past 12 years.


some of the girls who write for prep talk use better grammar than you do. you should work on that