Leopard Is a Neutral

Now that I work from home, I’ve been opting for casual jeans and white tees while I work. (Of course, for external meetings it’s a different story!)
So while I’ve been rather casual during the day, I like the option of being a little bit more dressed up to grab dinner with friends… without putting much effort into it. (Honestly, I’m exhausted by 8pm and have to have a personal rally to get up and ready in time for dinner reservations!)
Ever since watching this video of Jenna Lyons, I’ve taken a cue from her and started incorporating more leopard into my looks. Just touches of it, here and there. I love how it looks with little black dresses and it’s the simplest way to add a little pop! 
I like leopard details, but I think shoes are the easiest and most versatile to style with all kinds of outfits.
Do you like leopard touches?

PS When in doubt, they also make great bookends.

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Jackie {York Avenue}

I totally agree! A touch of leopard is a great easy way to look interesting in an effortless way. Leopard flats are my favorite. I have a really old pair that's still in good shape and I wear them constantly-I dread the day I need to replace them. Love that Jenna Lyons quote too, she's the best.

Radiant Make Up

It's like a stab in the heart every time I see those heels – the calf hair chunky heel pump. They're so beautiful and I want them so much but they don't ship over here!


Leopard is my fav, especially for fall! I've been wearing my Banana Republic leopard flats a TON this season 🙂


shoes i'll never have

Totally agree, I love leopard in the fall as a good way to spice things up, especially since it looks great with jewel tones and other neutrals.
Great post!


Love all these shoes!! I've been dying for a cute pair of leopard loafers but haven't found the right pair yet!