Leopard Print can be Preppy!

Someone on tumblr asked me how leopard print can look preppy. I thought it would be a fun College Prep post… so here we are.

[CP side note: You can ask me questions on my tumblr!!! Most of the time, the questions are really fun. Others just plain weird! haha try it out!]

While I was making these polyvores, I wanted to make sure that I was using the leopard print in small doses. You don’t want to walk into a room and roar like a lion, preppies should meow. Too weird of an analogy??? Uhhhhh, oh well…..

Leopard Headband

Leopard Shoes

Leopard Belt
I stuck to accessories… But I think if you’re feeling bold, you could add a leopard print sweater over a simple (simple, being the operative word here) black dress.

What do you think? Will you be sporting the fashionable leopard print this fall?


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Clare Lennon

Definitely good in small doses. My friend in high school wore a simple black Forever 21 dress to homecoming with killer leopard heels. It was so different than everyone else's outfits!