Lilly in the City

I love Lilly. I really do. I essentially have an entire separate wardrobe that is Lilly Pulitzer dresses. I didn’t really wear them to school when I was in high school, but they were my go-to for dinners with friends, events, and any sort of special occasion. Over the years, I’ve build up what is essentially a library of the bright dresses.
When Kathryn came over to do style consultations, I think she was honestly surprised at the number of dresses I had, but hadn’t worn. She was trying to tell me that if I haven’t worn a dress in a year, then I shouldn’t keep it. (Ha, like I could get rid of my favorite dresses!!! I just love looking at them at the very least!)
Wearing Lilly in the city is a little tricky though. It’s definitely much easier now that it’s summer because bright colors are obviously fair game. However, there are just certain Lilly styles that look amazing and work well in beach-y places, but don’t quite do the trick in an urban city. I definitely try to wear some Lilly now and then to work… but not all dresses work.
Certain shift dresses work great with blazers and the belted Lillys work well too. (Of course, your work environment and the industry you’re in will largely dictate what is appropriate and what’s not appropriate to wear.)
One of my favorite Lilly dresses is one that I’ve been really trying to make work for work and other city adventures. The only thing I had been doing is wearing it with a simple blazer or sweater, but oh my goodness… I just love this layered look!
Warby Parker Eyeglasses // J. Crew Button Up (similar) // Lilly Pulitzer Dress (similar) // Eadie Bag (different colors on sale) // Etta Pumps (on sale!)
I got my dress from a Lilly Pulitzer Rue La La sale… There are Lilly sales every now and then, but they almost always include Lilly dresses in different events that round up various designers. You have to have your eye out!!!
Do you wear Lilly to work? How do you style it?

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emily rose

As a fellow Lilly Lover living in NYC I can relate! I’m in a business casual environment and I’ve learned how to pair a navy blazer or pumps with my dresses to make Lilly more business appropriate. I may be the only one in my group wearing pastels, bright colors and prints but I’ve embraced my love and am well known in the office as the girl who loves Lilly.


I had so many "old" lilly dressed that I didn't wear as often, I finally started throwing shirts under them and blazers on top. I just can't part with them!

Kate Mitchell

I love that I'm going to be teaching, because some Lilly dresses are perfect for working but wearing bright colors. I LOVE bright colors, and Lilly is clearly the perfect choice for that.


Katie Miller

I love the layered look in your picture. I'm going to be teaching next fall and I might definitely steal this look from you (with a slightly longer dress of course) I envy that you have the freedom to express your style at work.


Hunter Thiers

I actually wore Lilly to work today! Most of the work I do allows me to wear whatever, so I am able to choose Lilly! I usually like to make what I wear more dressed up so today I wore a Lilly skirt, a Ralph Lauren shirt, and some Jack Rogers.



Chelsea Mac

I love how you transitioned what is typically a less-city-type dress into a more city-appropriate attire. Really fantastic look – you look awesome!

Amy - OPC

Love this! I could not even wear Lilly to work this past Friday on the "national day" bc it doesn't fit into my office environment at all BUT had I thought to do this MAYBE I could have pulled off a "tamer" pattern. Cute!


Luckily, my office is fairly laid back and I'm able to wear my Lilly pretty frequently (although I do layer with a solid cardigan to tone them down a bit). I always get comments about how "bright" I am, but a Lilly always makes me smile on a Monday! 🙂