Lilly After Party Sale!

finally got into the After Party Sale. I was in line right at 8am, but the queue got stuck. I had to run to a meeting in a different town so I hoped that the technical issues would be sorted out when I got home. And… I’m in!

Even though half the day has gone by there are plenty of sizes and prints left. (I’m genuinely impressed with the stock available.) Definitely worth the wait, if you find yourself in a line. Just check in every 15 minutes or so to watch the progress and don’t shut down the tab! Shop my favorites below:


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I love your picks! I got lucky and got in line really early, but the website kinda shut down once I was in. I gave up and got back on a little while later and it worked just fine. I got the popover you listed!

Nikki Breakll Miller

Thanks so much for the SECRET intel! I signed in at 8 and was able to shop at 8:05. I got a dress, two scarves and some awesome shorts. I would have loved to have more of a selection in the girls section, but OVERALL this was a GREAT SALE. Thanks for letting us know about it.


I was SO pumped the queue got stuck — I didn’t check until lunchtime and I still managed to snag a dress and top in my size! Definitely keep up on their app/Insta/Facebook, they’re adding more inventory.


It was so frustrating! I shopped four different times, and the first two times I got kicked out when I had only been in for a couple of minutes. I was able to buy what was in my bag but went to the back of the line again. That’s never happened to me before.

Coralys Marie Melendez

Igor the headband, on the first day. Like you I also had issues getting in but there were plenty of styles and sizes left. The shipping was so quick to the point that I got my items yesterday in the mail