Lilly Pulitzer Camera Strap

I’m so sick of the Yellow and Black strap from my Nikon digital slr. I received it for Christmas sometime during high school… and it’s been staying at home in Tampa instead of coming up to school with me. But I’m planning on using it a ton this year at school, so it’s making the trip up to DC.

No way am I walking around with a (very very very) itchy and ugly strap…. Here it is, new and improved!

I used the tutorial from Make it and Love it. And I made it, and I LOVE it.

I used scraps from some of my Lilly projects… Soccer Mom and I organized our craft closet, so I’ve been thinking of fun things to do with it and the strap was the perfect plan!

I embroidered my monogram. Just like Lilly hiding her name in the fabric, the light pink monogram takes a few moments of searching to find it!

The project didn’t go perfectly, I didn’t account for the wider leather ends when I measured the width of the strap. I sewed the tube twice and had to rip the seams apart again and again. Finally, I took the night off and went back to work the next day. To make more room for the leather parts, I used a piece of pink grosgrain ribbon with a light green polka dot ribbon sewn on top. Only the green shows, but the pink is what was sewn onto the Lilly strip.

To secure the cover to the regular strap, I sewed pink buttons on the end! This was Soccer Mom’s idea. Let me just give little miss Soccer Mom a huge shoutout… she is the best at fixing bobbin issues, figuring out what side of the interface goes down, and preventing me from chopping the entire project up in pieces while frustrated! xoxo

Check out the Make it and Love it tutorial! It wasn’t easy persay, but it really makes the strap much more comfortable, and OBVIOUSLY so much more COLORFUL!


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